H3 and HCMCTweetUp FAQ

What are H3 – Hacker Happy Hour (#h3) and HCMCTweetup (#hcmctweet)?

They are, in essence, gatherings in different contexts. H3 takes place on a week day every month, in the afternoon, whilst HCMCTweetup on a Sunday morning. We do beer at H3 and coffee at the Tweetup. Twetup is more dedicated to Tweeters,, though some who come to the event are not on Twitter yet. Think of them as Open Food and Open Coffee.

The common nature of the events is that they are Open, Participatory, and Free (OPF). Unlike Barcamp Saigon, you’ve got to pay for your food and drinks.

Who are they for?

Those who go to a Barcamp. We call them “IT enthusiasts”. That basically means you don’t have to be techy, geeky. The only credential you have to show others is your genuine interest in Technology. That’s all you’re asked!

Who organize these events?

Rick, Chipro, and me. Uhm, NO. We don’t organize these events. Like I said, the OPF nature of H3 and HCMCTweetup indicates that participants are organizers.

Should you want to help out, please let us know. We will do it together.

Why are you guys doing this?

Rick started H3 because he thought it would be fun to talk to each other over beer. “It’s the other BAR of Barcamp”. Before Barcamp, there wasn’t a community whatsoever. We didn’t know that others who shared the same passion about Technology existed. H3, and HCMCTweetup alike, are times for us to get together and exchange conversations.

So, the point is, connecting people. Who speak the same language.

What is often talked about at an H3 or HCMCTweetup?

Techy anything. Social Computing, Blackberries, iPhones, Agile Programming, Security, you name it. The topics vary depend on the backgrounds of those who attend the events.

Do you guys actually spend the whole morning/evening talking about IT stuffs?!?

Have you ever been to Sillicon Valley? I haven’t. But people there spend even more time than us on things like this (I’ve heard!). Anyway, we enjoy talking about what we love.. And imagine yourself talking with a bunch of like-minded dudes.

Do you do anything else other than chit-chatting?

We did have some presentations at Tweetups. For H3, we went to Bar after the party.

What’s so special about them anyway?

No, there isn’t anything special aboutH3 or HCMCTweetup. We just hang out with each other and talk about things that matter to us.

I guess each of us has a different way to interpret how we feel about H3 and HCMCTweetup. That’s the kind of thing that only people with a genuine interest in Technology can experience.

What about expanding the scope of the events to benefit the business community?

It’s like going from “having fun” to “getting serious”. Certainly we’re looking at other options regarding how to bring the event to more people and extend its benefits. However, it depends on the willingness of the community and the FUN part really matters to us. We like having fun!

It’s worth noting that many of our participants are already doing business. H3 and HCMCTweeup do help connect businesses on a micro level. Business-wise, it’s beneficial.

What’s next?

H3 has enjoyed an increasing success. We’ll try to find a bigger place should there be more to come next time!

HCMCTweetup may need a theme/agenda. We’ll probably go with @thomaswanhoff’s suggestion: socialization first, agenda later.

How can I join?

We send out invites via these Facebook Groups:

H3: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=37547134737

Twitter in Vietnam: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49597709058

How can I help?

Please contact us for pointers:

Chipro – chip@huyenchip.com / Twitter: @chipro

Anh Hùng – anhhung@gmail.com / Twitter: @anhhung

Rick Rodgers on Twitter: @rickrodgers

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  1. p2045i says:

    good job Hung : )

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    Hè hè you guys should join the Twitter Community in Vietnam group :”>

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