H3 – Hacker Happy Hour for February

It’s another H3. It’s time for the geeks in HCMC city to gather once again.

On this particular day we’ll learn more about Mobility thanks to @khanhlnq, a mobile/GIS geek and his friends. We’ll also say goodbye to @taitran, our good friend who’s going abroad for his higher education.

Though I wonder if the 37 people registered for the event will all show up. I guess at best we will have 30 people, which will make this h3 the most well-participated event ever. Kudos to @rickrodgers for the inititive.

So basically we’re trying to cover as many people as possible. The kind of guys who come to H3 need not be dudes who spend countless hours in front of a computer doing crazy things but also people who don’t have a technical background but love to talk about technology and meet geeky friends.

If you’re one of those, you’re invited to come :-)


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One Response to H3 – Hacker Happy Hour for February

  1. Chip says:

    It was great. Even though we couldn't talk about tech, it was still great :) Now we have 2 different concepts: H3 is for fun and Tweetup is for more serious talk.

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