H3 – Hacker Happy Hour

It’s gonna be another H3 next Wednesday, location TBA, but I think H3 has been there long enough to deserve an official recognition. Dan said we would have a blog for it, but our host, Rick Rodgers, has been busy making it great for us, so the blogging thing has been left to me (I volunteered to do it if you ask me :P .

The first H3 was organized a few months ago (excuse me for my poor timing), and you know how Rick put it? “Because we HEART tech”. It sounded simple, but meant a lot for him, for me, and for everyone of us who live with one thing flowing relentless in our vein: a passion for technology. It’s the one thing that matters. We’re bunch of like-minded guys who, until that point of time, were strangers to each other. But you know in the tech world people got to be friends in a matter of minutes, and you know why.

For me, I don’t think I’m a hacker, if you know what it means. Nor do I think I’m a geek. I’m a semi of everything. A blacksheep of every family. I often feel it that way. I love hacking. But it’s not that fancy. I love playing with Linux, firstly with Redhat, then Fedora, then Ubuntu, and eventually settled down with Slackware. And when it comes to Linux, I’ve always considered myself a newbie. It’s sort of like the “newbie trap” in which you never move to a guru level. But hey, just for the fun of it. Anyway, I fall for anything with a techy label. I should quit sounding like a fanboy :) But if you read my blog, I like talking about the business side of web services. Fingers crossed, I may get a job doing that.

The technology crowd here seems to crave for everything. So it’s hard to tell you what exactly we do care about. We talked about security, how the Chinese cracked the world, about our jobs, and about the OSes, online businesses, and whatever you can think of. But now I think we should have a theme, occasionally, it kept the conversations focused. It will benefit certain hackers but will not leave out the rest, because you can learn something that you’re not a master of. But for other months, it can be about something that Joe pops up and your mind is blown. “Web services” coming up next.

But first and foremost, it’s a place for us to talk to people who speak the same language, share our love, build friendship, satisfy our passion, and make jokes. Our blood flows a bit faster, and we feel like ourselves all again. If you’re a techy guy hanging around HCMC and wants some fun, come with us. Proper announcements should be coming pretty soon.

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4 Responses to H3 – Hacker Happy Hour

  1. Chip says:

    Oh damn I think I’m gonna miss it this time.

  2. AnhHung says:

    You “think”? No, you’re gonna definite certainly completely miss this time. Unless you book a flight for it, which is very unlikely :P Enjoy Hanoi hehe

  3. Chip says:

    Hhahaa do you really need to say it so ironically like that :D We’ll have tens of H3 when I get back.

  4. AnhHung says:

    I’m assuming you’re gonna stay here for tens of months because H3 is a monthly event :P

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