H3 – Minutes to Midnight

What do you think 40 techy dudes would do when they got together at H3 – a monthly happy hour for the Bar part of BarCamp Saigon? We had food, drank beer, made new friends, and talked about a variety of techy stuffs.

Last night was a pleasant mix of people who are Developers (Web/Mobile/Software), Hardware builders, Analysts, Marketeers, Film Makers, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs. And Chip no longer felt lonely because she was accompanied by Ms. Hưởng (Director of Chodientu.vn in the domestic market), a very cute but married and unavailable lady lolz, Ms Hường – also from Peacesoft, Ms Giang (Thubom), and the two ladies who produced “Passport to Love” (Producer and Cast). Oh, and the really nice ladies who went together with Huy Zing. Lucky dude!

You see, it was amazingly crowded, which meant we had a lot of people to talk to. The conversations ranged from private to group talks, about things like Twitter clones, buying stuffs from Ebay, Agile Development, Web Design, you name it.

Particularly, Huy Zing was distributing hand-outs for his upcoming free iPhone development course, which was due to start in March.

A hardware geek who went with the filming crew (his name was K/Carlin), showed some of us a modified PC. No picture but the idea was you would customize the appearance of the case, add nice coolers, among other things, to make the PC a real masterpiece.

We talked a bit about Latitude, then turned our attention to the usual discussion on Twitter clones in Vietnam, which had been quite a hot topic of late.

Most importantly, we said goodbye to TaiTran, a blogger-turned-MBA-Candidate, who would  fly to Australia this Sunday for his higher education.

These were at least the conversions that I had a chance to partially participate in. You know, there were just too many people and it was impossible to talk about everything with everyone.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a number of thousands for you :)

At 10:20, almost 30 people had left, the rest of us went to Yoko and stayed there until 12. We listened to live music, drank beer, cocktail, and talked about other silly things (you know, drunk people couldn’t think ^ ^).

Overall, it was an awesome night. Thanks everyone for coming!

Coming up next…

HCMC 2nd Tweetup (on a Sunday morning)

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  1. Chip says:

    Who told you that I felt lonely ;)

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