Happy Halloween Intrepid Ibex!

There we go. Ubuntu 8.10 is out! Get it HERE.

For an overview of what’s new in this excitin release, check THIS out.

And the reviews so far:






As usual, there are mix feelings as different people have different expectations.

For me, the noticeable improvements include:

-Superb wifi support. This is the first time that Broadcom wireless cards get native supportwith the Broadcom STA Wireless Driver thanks to the joint effort of Dell, Broadcom and Caronical. Before I always felt inferior because my wireless connection was not as good as others, which basically didn’t allow me to enjoy the sluggish wifi connection at my school, now it’s working well :-)

- Better power management. Before I was able to get around 2:15 minutes or less of uptime but now it’s somewhere around 2:30. I’m testing the power now by leaving the computer on battery while it’s getting updates.

- The mouse is behaving better. Previously it was hard to type with the touchpad on because a slight touch would move the pointer. Now it’s over.

However, other things are not working as expected:

- Hibernation didn’t work at first try. Will give it a second attempt.

- Up brightness hotkey is not working anymore, but the brightness applet is lending a good helping hand.

So far, I’m greatly enjoying this new release because most things work out of the box despite minor issues. Definitely need to fix the hibernation thing.

Intrepid features a new default dark them but I’m not particularly impressed. They couldn’t done a better job at this. Will need to choose a good theme soon when I have time.

I managed to upgrade OpenOffice to 3.0 following this guide:


It’s one of the easiest guide you’ve ever seen on the net!

Thanks to @jishanvn, I was able to choose some good fonts for my Intrepid box without the need to resign to MS fonts.

That’s it. Hope you also enjoy Intrepid Ibex.

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