HCMC 2nd Tweetup LIVE

9:25: Phương Lưu (Saga), Hải (PCWorld Editor), and Min Trần (Frexy) are present. Quite early!

9:35: 8 people have already arrived. We’re exchanging small talks.

10:00: Part of the group is discussing how to connect #BarcampSaigon, #hcmctweet with businesses who want to apply technology to their companies.

Maybe we can organize specialized evens that target businesses, e.g helping them how to take advantage of Web 2.0.

Most IT gatherings only serve personal needs of IT enthusiasts but these haven’t been monetized.

Mr. Phuong from Saga is organizing an event that helps local businesses to employ Internet platf’orms for their companies.

11:10: Lawrence and Ken come. They’re one the two companies in the world that are developing stuffs for Twitter. They ‘ve changed the company name from Stanyan Group to East Agile, which means doing Agile development in the East.

Chris and Phuong Luu turn out to be Business partners. Admax are placing ads on Saga.

Chris and Ken are talking about online advertising. They’re really knowledgeable.

11:20: Since everyone is pretty new to each other, we’re doing a round introduction.

After the intro, Lawrence has expressed their interest in recruiting new developers.

11:20: 26 people have come to the event. Not bad for a Sunday hehe.

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4 Responses to HCMC 2nd Tweetup LIVE

  1. Phuong Luu says:

    Thank you for organizing a valuable meeting. I think all participants are “up” based on tweet

  2. Chip says:

    Hè hè thanks everyone for coming. My bad that I couldn't show up earlier :D
    LOve free pizzas :”>

  3. Apo says:

    Yes, that was a nice tweetup morning, I have a chance to meet many people came from many corners of the industy. Thanks!

  4. anhhung says:

    Hey thanks guy coming. Will do better preparation for the next #hcmctweet :-)

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