Heroes or Villains?

Kungfu Panda was kinda fun to watch, very entertaining. I’m pretty much into Kungfu and Chinese stuffs.

On the other hand, the more I watch Heroes, the more I get confused. I don’t think I’m smart enough to discern everything happenin’ in the series. Impatient too! But IMHO the whole point of Tim Kring (ok, admitted at times I wanted to punch his face because I couldn’t get it) making the series is to tell us:

  • We’re all born angels and assholes. Calling ourselves Heroes (or even if named “Hero” like me), doesn’t make us one. Being called an asshole/villain by others doesn’t make you one either. We act accordingly, so it pretty much depends on the context.
  • We are on a constant search for answers. There’re way too many things we don’t have a clue about. Curious. Of exploratory manner. We seek for answers. One after another. We never stop.
  • We seek purposes. What are we here for? To do/achieve/become what/who?
  • We crave for different things: power/ superpower/ money/ etc. Some want to save the world. We want to make a decision for others, impose our views on them, make them do/ think they way we want them to, give them purposes that they instead have the right to figure out themselves. Villains.

And the point is? “Try hard not to be judgemental”. A coin always has two faces. Let’s see how things play out in the end.

So, basically I want to tell you that I’m going to try out both Google Friend Connect and Facebook Friend Connect, among other things, to see how they are in action. How on earth does it have any connection with the above-mentioned TV series? yet another answer to be sought  out.I guess it’s all connected in one way or anther. “We’re connected”, remember?

When it comes to Google, Facebook pales in comparison. But OpenSocial is pretty new, and Facebook has a huge pool of applications/ app developers. Google Friend Connect is doomed to fail, as people predict. Yeah, it is. Google sucks sometimes. But for now, please login to Google Friend Connect on my site, and start commenting on it. If you happen to own a blog, click HERE. Unfortunately Facebook hasn’t rolled out its own plugin for WordPress yet, and I’m not a Facebook developer. Socialable! has it. Crappy and unofficial. Try it at your own risk :-)

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