How customer service should be done on the web?

Short answer. Listen, and respond.


A few days ago I installed “Disqus”, the social comment system. However, due to permission isues, I couldn’t sync my exisiting comments with Disqus. I wrote an entry saying all of the comments are gone. Surprisingly, Disqus’s Community Manager – G, found out about it.

So I guess there are several tools you can use to listen to your customers:

  • Technorati
  • Google’s Blogsearch
  • Twitter Search

The first two are becoming irrelevant and now is the time for you to move on to Twitter Search.


G commented on the entry, then sent me an @reply message to get me notified. Simple, isn’t it?

Please switch your Comment System to Disqus

The above-mentioned steps were done without me knowing it. Therefore, I’m very pleased with Disqus customer service. And I really like the new comment system on my blog. So, I strongly recommend you to switch your blog to Disqus :)

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  1. @giannii says:

    *tips hat*

    Community Manager

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