How I deal with my ISP – Viettel Telecom

ISP is perhaps one of the most heated debates among Internet users in Vietnam simply because they…suck.

An on-going survey on Diễn Đàn Tin Học, a.k.a IT Forum, revealed that Viettel is currently taking the lead in the popularity contest, with almost 40% users saying they are happy with the service, followed by FPT and VNN each accounts for around 24%:

Out of the surveyed ISPs, FPT is the most complained one, forum users even created the “Let’s form a club to sue FPT” thread, and a number of other posts which said:” Am I being cheated by FPT?”.

This was the source of information I referred to when I chose my new ISP in June, as we moved house to Thu Duc District. The previous experience with MediaNet was horrible. The connection disconnected most of the time and when it was back, any slightly heavy activity would kill it off. This went on for almost 3 weeks and I didn’t receive any apology from MEdiaNet at all.

Due to such experience, I was extremely careful in choosing another ISP as life would be horrible without a trustworthy Internet access and Thu Duc is considered the suburb, hence connection might be not as good as within the city.

Viettel was picked, obviously.

So far there have been two problems. Both of which were due to Viettel changing its upstream system, which rendered my connection useless. The second one was more serious and it took me two days to have it fixed. I happened last week and I went nuts because I was doing some jobs that needed communication via email.

Even though people were responsive, nobody said any “sorry” to me at all. This is quite a negative point of Vietnamese services: they seldom apologize to their customers.

Despite these unhappy events, I’m quite happy with Viettel Telecom now since they’ve done their best to solve the problem. But I had to do the follow things:

1. I picked up the salesman cellphone number: phoned him immediately when things happened. Introduced my friends to his service –> He had to take good care of good customer :-) .

2. I picked the technician cellphone number: called him whenever things happened. If he didn’t fix it, I would say I would keep calling him until he got it right.

3. I called the service operator, telling him that I’d like to have the problem fixed, and I’d called 1 & 2.

If the above doesn’t work, I repeat the whole thing :-)

So basically after the Broken Cable event, I got another unexpected call from Viettel Telecom telling me that everything was fine now. It seemed to me they remembered.

Ah, all of this can be thought of as an Advertisement. You repeat your “problem” until people remember it and get it fixed as quick as they can.

Do you have problems with your ISP(s)? How do you deal with them?

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3 Responses to How I deal with my ISP – Viettel Telecom

  1. About 4 years ago, I subscribed to Viettel. Within 24 hours after they installed the line, it went dead (ADSL light was out). For a week they refused to fix it and blamed my Linux laptop. Finally a friend called them and explained the ADSL light was off. They then sent somebody to fix it. Seven months later the problem happened again but I did not fix it since I moved to a new house.

    FPT I had many problems with EVN and VNPT knocking down my ADSL line. FPT fixed it the next day after I called them.

    I like FPT’s customer service. They speak English now :) Viettel was okay. If I move to District 4, I will choose VNN since they should be the fastest there. May even get a second FPT line on a load balancer.

  2. AnhHung says:

    FPT was my ISP before MediaNet. Speed was 20kbps on average :-) But their service was very responsive, I spent like 5 minutes to end the contract. However, when I complained about the speed, they never gave a reasonable answer.

    I guess it depends.

  3. Twyla says:

    Thanks for writing this.

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