How kids surf the Internet safely

Consider this scenario: The 15 May School has a small computer lab donated by Altlas Industries in which children can enjoy Internet access. However, due to lack of human resources, it’s impossible to monitor the kids activities and as a result in appropriate websites are accessed. The school decides to shut down the Internet. You think it’s not a smart way to do. You’re thinking of a way that both lets the children go online and prevents them from things they shouldn’t access. What are the options?

1. Stand-alone parental control software

This kind of software works pretty well. But it’s expensive. 15 May is a school for disadvantaged children with no budget for such a luxury. Plus, it is useless because most of the websites kids go to are in Vietnamese. There’s no known parental control software for the Vietnamese market yet. Not viable.

2. Security suite’s built-in parental control features

Having a security suite is nice, especially when it helps protect the computer from a variety of threats. However, it shares the same weakness with the 1 option: no good Vietnamese support. Not viable.

3. A dedicated firewall

Devoting an old PC to firewalling doesn’t look like a bad option. With the availability of Firewall operating system such as IPCOP, this is a very cheap solution. However, setting it up is one thing, maintaining it is another. Who’s gonna keep adding the rules? Who’s gonna take care of it? It still requires training and a good person around to pay the attention. 15 May cannot afford that human capital.

4. Glubble

Glubble is a nice Firefox extension that gives you what you’re looking for. If you happen to be a parent, or are looking for a similar solution to that of the 15 May, you should be reading their FAQ:

or watch the video:

In a nutshell, Glubble is database of websites that is built by the community. You get to manage your kids via the browser. If they want to go to a strange website, a request for approval is sent to you, or other “family” members. The work is reduced if your team is big. Eventually the request becomes very few as all the familiar sites have been added to your database. A bit like Parental Control marrying Social Bookmarking.

5. Kidzui

I don’t know if it’s only me or not but Kidzui = Kid + Zui where Zui sounds like “Fun” in Vietnamese. I wonder if there’s a Vietnamese in the team. But anyway, Kidzui works similarly to Glubble, there may be different features but I haven’t tested this in real life yet. But I’ll tell you what, once we’ve come to build a lab, KidZui will be our choice. This newcomer comes as a Stand-alone browser or as a Firefox extension, which is very nice. They have paid membership and that sort of thing but the GUI looks really nice. See for yourself:

Check them out: /


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