How to deal with aggresive teammates?

My friend at the Singapore Management University is having a hard time dealing with her mates in a team of 20 people. Some of them are really aggressive who think highly of themselves and never listen to anyone.

She is the implicit leader of the team, which basically means nobody’s nominated her as the official team lead yet.

She recognised the lack of such official nomination had caused a lot of difficulties in getting things done and proposed a meeting but they refused to join because they were “busy”. As an alternative, everything is handled via email, which would result in loads of messages in her inbox.

She has two choices: do nothing and get her own tasks done or do something and get attacked due to the conflicts. Every single action of hers comes under attack.

I suggested she should take initiative and appoint herself as the leader and then start delegating tasks. In chaotic situations like this, someone should be bold and take actions.

However, some might object to that because “who do you think you are to tell us what to do?”.

This is really challenging and I’m sure we will at least have to confront a similar situation in our life. Which advise do you have? Oh dear, I can’t wait to listen to Thomas Wanhoff session on Collaboration at BarcampSaigon!

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