How to put your CV online?

As I was tweeting about writing my CV, @epi_longo at Random Thoughts on Marketing and News said I should put it online. I was a bit confused about as to how to make it right.

Of course, if you have a website, you can always have a separate page for you CV. But rewriting the entire CV on a web-based basis, or copy & paste it, does not satisfy my requirements. I have a template for the CV and it looks pretty nice as a PDF document so I want my virtual CV to be “as is”.

Then Scribd [] popped up. It’s an online service for uploading and sharing documents online. It happened to be what I needed. Here’s my CV:

CV Nguyen Anh Hung BA

What I’ve found surprising recently is that as I’m getting out of university and looking for a job to feed my life, job advice and career services keep coming up. Here’s one example: VisualCV at

The idea behind VisualCV is you will have one with photos, movie clips, and portfolio, visual and vivid. Another benefit is you can have peer-to-peer review of your CV, sort of social networking. But my comment is: it’s a time-consuming and creative process whose end-result is mysterious. It’s only for those who think of the box and requires someone from the receiving end to think at the same level. If you’re looking for a soul mate, a Visual CV is what you may want to have. Or you can make do with Scribd.

No immediate demo is available but you can always take a look here:

Or you can take a look at their sample:

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5 Responses to How to put your CV online?

  1. ePi.Longo says:

    I was confused with my Tweet too, Hung` :D . When I said that, I thought you’re the man live with online air and you want an online job (did you?), so why didn’t you put your CV online :D

  2. AnhHung says:

    I’ve just done it. Thanks for the suggestion. When I have free time I will put these into a separate page for easier navigation :)

  3. TaiTran says:

    Well done Hung!


    When I was preparing for job, I had my resume in 3 formats: PDF, HTML and auto-response email. That was so 1.0 back in 2005…

    Now I am utilizing LinkedIn beside the mandatory PDF version. When I have time, I will create a portfolio (not resume) on my blog using HTML.

  4. AnhHung says:

    Sounds great. Haven’t leveraged LinkedIn much, should pay more attention to it ;)

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