Lunar New Year: Vietnam Data Communications got drunk

Last night, @baomoi reported on Twitter that a number of top websites in Vietnam were down, including:, – website of the Government, Dantri, Vietnamnet – online news sites – and the rest 80% of websites.

After contacting the technical support team of Vietnam Data Communications – the leading Internet and Hosting service provider in Vietnam – in vain, @baomoi managed to talk to the director and it was confirmed that a weird incident happening around the Hoàn Kiếm Lake – Lake of returned Sword – resulted in the temporary disappearance of these major sites.

A “flying lamp” which was released as Hanoi citizens were celebrating the Tet Holidays had essentially burnt the cable and thus caused a total blackout to all sites hosted by VDC.

@Baomoi concluded: A “flying lamb” could deface, Dantri, Vietnamnet and 80% of the Internet in Vietnam. Super duper hacker.”

About was developed as a demonstration of ePI technology, which automatically collects, extracts, categorizes, and publishes news from 100 news sites in Vietnam. Its “Personalization” feature lets readers select and create their own news channels accordingly.

About VCD

VDC is the leading Internet and Hosting Service Provider in Vietnam, which operates under the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group.

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One Response to Lunar New Year: Vietnam Data Communications got drunk

  1. ePi.Longo says:

    Yep, Anh Hung. It’s the unexpected “tipping point” of hacker :D . Tks God it’s ok now.

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