My submission to Project 10 to the 100th

Idea’s Name:

E-learner Platform 2.0



One sentence that best describes your idea:

An e-learning platform where everyone can share and learn

Describe your idea in more depth:

It is a social network for everyone who is interested in sharing and learning. For example, If I know enough about teaching people how to use Ubuntu, I can go to the site [platform] and design an online course using an LMS such as Moodle, people who want to learn can sign up for it and pay a fee for registration. A portion of the earning goes to me, and the rest goes to the platform for its operation.

As the network expands, quality people such as professors and experts can go to the site and design their own course(s), not only for their students but also for vast number of learners out there who want to seek knowledge. Educational institutions and corporations alike can also utilize the platform to deliver their training, and they can even make additional profits by making these courses available to the general public.

Due to its nature as a social network, the information or knowledge generated by its users, educators and learners alike, is tremendous, and once we can bring Internet access to remote areas, using WiMax or any other wireless technology, a lot of people can “go to school” or even contribute by later teaching people about their life and culture. Furthermore, these courses will be delivered to disadvantaged children free of charge, which helps a lot in reducing social burdens.

Eventually, this platform shoud be offered via mobile devices, which litterally enables millions of people to learn anywhere, anytime.

I am confident that while this business model has a humantarian purpose in itself by providing learning opportunities for the disadvantaged, it is a sustainable one in that those who produce courses have a revenue stream depending on the number of learners and the platform benefits from both types of participants.

What problem or issue does your idea address?

Vietnamese educational system is lagging far behind. A social network that enables people to deliver and attend courses on an innovative platform is a crucial step toward bridging the gap.

For example, quality educators have a place to deliver their courses in the best manner they desire, instead of following the outdated instructions from the ministry of education. Students can, besides benefiting from such courses, participate to discuss and communicate directly with their peers from all of the the country.

Disadvantaged children who cannot go to formal schools due to lack of credentials can now learn in an online environment, which is enabled by a computer/ laptop. As these gadgets are increasingly cheaper, access to the Internet is much easier. Such conditions are mature enough for learning to shift to an online platform. Remote areas can also benefit, if Internet access and public computers are available for use.

How do you get started?

This idea originates from the E-learner Platform 2.0, a community service that brings open source and web 2.0 technology to disadvantaged children in Vietnam. We plan to give OLPCs, or better alternatives if they exist, to these children and start helping them take advantage of this learning tool to develop themselves personally. As the project makes further progress, we plan to provide on-demand computing courses such as graphics design, audio & video editing, and even coding for those who want to learn and make a living out of those skills. Eventually, these courses will be digitalized and delivered online so that a wider audience can benefit from it.

The optimal outcome when your idea succeeds and how to measure it?

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Ideally, the Ministry of Education would view this as a better way to teach people and would gradually shift training courses from an offline environment to an online one. Universities and other educational institutions will then be allowed to deliver courses on this platform to benefit not only their students but those who are interested in learning.

Everyone would be better educated as they are given the choice to learn at their own space, reference, etc.

A suggested method of measurement would be the number of members who join the network, classified by their background, be it universities, schools, professors, experts, students, etc.

Phewss!! It took me one day to put all of these stuffs together :-)

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  1. It’s will be useful social network for everyone, because learning is the work of all life ^_^

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