Nokia music site on hacked, RIAV and involved

At 17:41 on Nov 25, a member of DDTH [IT forum] – Vietnamese largest IT forum, nicknamed kelangthang666 reported that he was unable to download music from Nokia’s music site on at this link: as a part of a promotion in which Nokia allows its purchasers to get music to their phones online for free, a move that was described as an imitation of Apple’s iTunes store.

Translation: The service is being upgraded. Please come back later. Thank you.

At 22:37 on the same day, bountyhunter, another member of the forum, joined the discussion thread with a huge amount of information, which later was confirmed as true. A summary of the post is as follows:

“The website that kelangthang666 was referring to was the site that, a prominent online music site, was building for Nokia, from which users of the NExpress series are allowed to download free music.

A few months ago Nokia decided to team with either or [FPT] to promote the service. Nokia then sided with FPT as it was rumored that FPT bribed some Aikon’s representative and closed a $2mil deal, of course, without sharing the big bucks with any composers or singers.

Upon discovery of such acts from FPT, the Recording Industry Association of Vietnam [RIAV] was infuriated and determined to take the $2mil away from FPT., resented being kicked out of the deal, contacted the RIAV and lured them into sueing FPT by bidding another bribe for the entire RIVA board, which costs around VND1 bil. The deal was closed and besides spending a lot of money hiring the top 10 lawyers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and the most state-of-the-art equipment to gather all the evidence from FPT, was also in talk with Ivan, nickedname Flyman, the shadowy figure who leads the RBN, a multi-faceted cybercrime organization, specializing in and in some cases monopolizing personal identity theft for resale, to hack into Nhacso system and deface the Nokia music site.

The result was the scene above. It took Flyman 3 days to shut down the entire 48 servers of FPT and unfortunately our FPT men couldn’t do anything but leave the site as it is now. FPT was too proud to admit their site had been hacked. What could Nokia say anyway?”

[Translator note: the original Vietnamese version contained a lot of slangs and provoking language as this insider appeared to have some grudge against FPT (and Nokia?)]

Following what could be the biggest hacking event in Vietnam, x-sniper, added:

“At 15:00, Nokia reps met with RIAV to talk about canceling a scheduled press conference regarding the matter, which was slated to be on today afternoon. Nokia, in return, offer to bribe some RIAV persons [a confirmed USD200.000]. The persons involved included:

- Mr. Jonathan, Nokia Head Service Rep

- Mr. Trần Ngọc Trí, vice president of RIAV.

At 19:23 today, a user nicknamed 010203, confirmed the following:

- The press conference took place at 15.

- 60 people attended, including Lam Truong, a famous singer and two TV stations.

- Newspapers would shoot the news tomorrow.

- The USD$200,000 bribe was real.

- hired an American lawyer to support them [Robert Phạm - or Phạm Đăng Bảo]

- Nokia hired Baker Mc Kenzie

I’m waiting for tomorrow to see what the local newspapers have to say and see if they correspond to what’s been in discussion so far.

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