On Standards

Standards are good. They’re a way to evaluate something against other things. They are almost mandatory for every projects, community service or business alike. If the results look good, people will invest in you, or otherwise.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of our welfare that the Ministry of Education and Training has just devised a new set of standards for 5-year-old kids:

Jump as far as at least 50cm. Cover their mouth when coughing or yawning. Dress themselves according to the weather. Walk backwards for at least 5m. Finish 18m in less than 5 minutes.

But you see, the point of having standards is that it makes you feel good when you meet them. Who can tell if they’re actually good for the kids, for your projects and their beneficiaries. From where Tim stands, Monitoring & Evaluation have very little practical use except for when you’re talking to donors or investors.

Then, what’s the point of this? To create more problems.

Anyone who’s been in this education knows how poor it is. Instead of putting efforts into improving the system and talking the root of the problems, people just beat around the bush and come up with with brilliant but awkward ideas.

As I was in the team competing for the national contest in high-school, one of my teammates described the educational system as “lousy”. We thought he was an extremist. But come to think about it, he was quite right.

It’s a big Ef See You K

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  1. Rebyn says:

    What subject did you compete for?

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