Posterous – The escape of email

Posterous is an online service that allows you to post anything: blog entries, pictures, videos, music, and files to a centralized page that can either be named by you or automatically by the service. All you need to do is send an email to Of course, you can enjoy further customization if you register for an account there. What’s great about Posterous is that it integrates itself into a lot of other services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. so your content can be shared across the web with one single email.

I was told that Myanmar is a nice country. Unfortunately its people are not enjoying as much access to the Internet as we are now. Major websites are blocked, even Gmail. However, people can still send emails via Google Talk. So a group of people there are sending out emails to those in other countries and the information gets published. Thanks to these people the world knows what’s really going on in this country. And it’s not as terrible as what’s being reported by the newspapers. Not at all.

Anyway, I just think that Posterous can save our friends a lot of time and efforts. They can now express their thoughts directly, share the photos and other things easily by just sending an email. As the Web evolves, walls get demolished. And that’s why I think it’s a really powerful thing.

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