Reading less with RSS Feed Reader

A large part of my everyday involves reading online news. I often go to the following sites:

- Tuoi Tre Online

- Vnexpress

- VNeconomy

- Financial Times

- CNet News

- Digg

- LifeHacker

I also pay regular visit to The Economist but to be honest, that site is sometimes a bit over my head.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to use a Feed Reader, particularly Lifearea [Linux Feed Reader], to help put everything into one place and perhaps save me the time of surfing individual sites.

Funny thing happen, I began to read less and less and more often than not ignore most of the news, even the exciting ones. Am I not belong to this 2.0 world at all?

I was wondering what decreased my reading frequency and could only come up with one answer: all of a sudden every single pieces of news is gathered, which makes it look like a huge mountain of news that takes me forever to read. It looks scary!

I’m wondering if I should stick to Liferea and work harder on my reading habit, or switch to another reader such as Google Reader, or get rid of all of them and return to the traditional way of reading, which is not what I’m inclined to do. Any suggestions?

I’m new to this [= I'm not geeky enough], please share your reading habit with me :-)

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5 Responses to Reading less with RSS Feed Reader

  1. TaiTran says:

    You may want to use some Mashup services to aggregate and more importantly filter your news.

    For example, try out Yahoo! Pipes

  2. Khanh Le says:

    Google Reader + AideRSS plugin = Read what matters :-)

  3. Rick Rodgers says:

    Yo, I use NetNewsWire on the mac, and what I find is key is to be able to use keyboard navigation to quickly parse through all the updates. I have about 130 feeds I read daily, with about 200 posts per day total and I can punch through that pretty quickly. I also try to subscribe to the most focused content sites and avoid the general ones like cnet and engadget. You can get higher quality content faster and the writing is more engaging.
    if you really want to waste time, check out hacker news and non-hacker news :)

  4. AnhHung says:

    Thanks guy, I’m trying out Google Reader and I’m liking it. I guess the problem is not which tool you use (though better ones are more appealing), but lies in the way you read your news. I’m getting used to it :-)

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