Slacky diary: Adobe AIR on Slackware 12.2

Adobe AIR allows Internet applications to run on multiple operating systems. For Linux, only package-based OSes such as Ubuntu, Fedora Core, and openSUSE are suppored. Much as I like Twitterfox, I still want Twhirl and TweetDeck to be my primary clients for Twitter and FriendFeed. After a few tweaks, I managed to get them on board, with glitches, of course.

In order to get AIR apps to run on your Slackware box, you will need AIR SDK. Follow these steps:

1. Download AIR-SDK from
2. Create a directory, e.g. “~/AIR-SDK”. Extract the AIR-SDK’s .tar.bz2 file in this directory (cd ~/AIR-SDK; tar jxvf /path/to/adobeair_linux_sdk_a1_033108.tbz2) so that adl can be found at “~/AIR-SDK/bin/adl”.
3. Create a directory, e.g. “~/app”. Use “unzip” to extract the contents of an AIR application: cd ~/app; unzip /path/to/application_package.air
4. Use adl to launch the application:

~/AIR-SDK/bin/adl -nodebug ~/app/META-INF/AIR/application.xml ~/app

For convenience sake, I recommend you to use /home, but /opt or any other directory will work.

Since I’ve built Slackware from a minimum install, it turns out that AIR requires libnss3, which can be resolved by installing SeaMonkey:

slackpkg install seamonkey

As you can see, it’s such a pain in the ass to run the above lengthy command whenever you want to get Twhirl up, so I’ve written a short script named “twhirl”, which looks like this:


$executable -nodebug $path/META-INF/AIR/application.xml $path –
${@#*$twhirl.air} &

Replace /home/F20 with your home folder.

If you’re a freequent user, you’ll probably want to add Twirl at start-up. On XFCE it is done by going to Menu –> Settings – Autostarted Applications –> Add the “twhirl” script” and you’re done :)


Twhirl works. But it doesn’t remember your login password. Retyping it is not a problem. But for FriendFeed, entering the remote key repeatedly is not fun :( . This means Twhirl will start anew unless your computer runs 24/7.


The window shows up, but it’s useless, doesn’t run at all. The terminal shows a lot of errors. Quite disappointed :(

Anyway, better than nothing.

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  1. João Paulo says:

    great work, thank’s. :)

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