Slacky Diary: Firing up VirtualBox


One week with Dengue has not been a fun experience but today I’m back to blogging as usual. As I need Windows for my e-commerce assignment [99% of the world is using Windows sadly), I decided to play with Virtualbox.

Firstly I needed to get the kernel source. The Australian mirror was slow as hell and all of a sudden I thought of the FPT mirror: I editted “/etc/slackpkg/mirrors“, disabled the AU one, added the FPT mirror, and it worked blazing fast. Judging by the speed, 160K/s, I could tell that Viettel’s Internet speed had decreased 20% compared to three months ago (more subscribers?). But so far I’ve been very happy with the new mirror. It took minutes to get the kernel source and then I started building Virtualbox from the scripts provided by you happen to live in Vietnam and use one of the Linux flavors listed in the mirror, it’s highly recommended to change your mirror for faster connection.

As of now I’ve got a pirated customized Windows XP SP3 installed on Virtualbox and tomorrow I’m gonna play with Joomla on XAMPP. It seems 1GB of RAM is a bit slow to run a Virtual machine. And I don’t know why my system eats up quite an amount of RAM (around 400MB on average). People say theirs uses only 92MB!!! There must be some methods to drive memory usage down. The system is still responsive though.

For Manga, I installed Comix, whose name is quite self-explanatory. Of course, it required additional dependencies but it was not that long and winding. I also changed Firefox to the ANTHEM theme, which I mentioned in my last post. I also managed to get some truetype fonts added to the system. The steps taken were simple: search for fonts on and install them step by step.

I will install KDE tonight. It’s just I need TweetDeck, which requires Kwallet. XFCE is enough for me but I think the Power Management features in KDE is worth  having. Oh, I’ve just checked that the mirror now has KDE4 in the testing tree, sweet. I’ll definitely give it a try. Hopefully I still have enough space for that. I’ll ask for people’s opinion first though, KDE4 is a bit unfamiliar to me :-) BTW, I’m looking for a way to type Vietnamese letters in Slackware, in Ubuntu that would be one click away, and the new Broadcom STA wireless driver.

Admittedly, this Slackware thing is addictive.

Update1: I installed KDE4 without sucess. Something went wrong but havn’t figured it out yet!

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  1. I monitor KDE4 quite everyday from my laptop – it is good to play around, but not workstation-ready to me. Other people say otherwise though, but I stick with 3.5.10 for work – konqueror, especially, works best and has tons of features that may never be seen again in the new KDE since they moved on with Dolphin which isn’t half as powerful.

    Cheers! Enjoy SLack, I am about to try Zenwalk or Vector, just to see if they still share the spirit while removing some of the hassle.

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