Start-ups 2.0: one, or no one?

Consider these:

  • Facebook is popular because the whole team puts their efforts into making Facebook as good as it can be.
  • Twitter is on its way to becoming mainstream because a slim team of 30 people are staying up late to make it work.
  • Google was successful because they worked hard so the Search Engine worked for you.


  • VCcorp is deemed to be a good start-up in Vietnam. They have a WIDE range of products: Baamboo Tra Từ (online dictionary), Baamboo Search, AutoPro, CafeF, GameK, Kenh14, Rồng Bay, Sóc Vui. These are the products I found on their homepage: But there are also: I-Pro for photo sharing, Linkhay – a Digg-like system, Sàn Nhạc, a place for people to sing Karaoke, etc. Immature products that are not supposed to receive wider publicity.
  • VON (Vietnam Online Network) has a nice portfolio too: Tìm Nhanh, search engine powered by Google, and then Yahoo (what’s with that? It’s a portal btw), – a social network, take a look at all the products they have:
  • TinhVan Media launched, a 3.0 search engine hoped to compete with Google a few months ago. They’ve just changed it to a portal with all sorts of things on it. A translation service similar to Google Translate, whose funny name I have forgotten about, and a whole range of sophisticated products:

That’s the common trait of Vietnamese companies: a Jack of all trades. From state corporations who spend millions of dollars on products not even in their sector, to companies such as the above-mentioned. This is just too depressing. They must be feeling the heat of the recession now. Especially when these kinds of products and services, just like Facebook and Twitter, are not immediate money spinners.

One, probably two, but definitely not ten. Or be no one.

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