Sugar on Ubuntu 8.04

Interesting. Somebody posted on the Edubuntu mailing list that he was able to get Sugar on his laptop and SHARE it to the whole thin-client network:

Here’s the message:

Hi there,
with the generous help from #sugar devs I managed to get ltsp, sugar
and collaboration via ejabberd working on Ubuntu. This is really
exciting as it means walking into an existing networked lab with a
laptop, connecting it to the LAN, firing up sugar and letting all the
terminals enjoy the sugar experience with no installation necessary on
the cliens. The steps mentioned can be easily replicated on other
distros using the distro specific package manager. Here is a howto I

Kind Regards,
David Van Assche

Needless to say, this is exciting. If we can get the OS to work on Ubuntu, that will be a perfect combination, besides getting the real XOs for the kids. I, therefore, headed to Synaptic and got all the Sugar packages to my Ubuntu box. Some packages were there but not working though.

There are two options: you can either run Sugar from an Emulator, which can be found in the Start Menu–> Other, or as a separate session, just like GNOME or KDE.

The thing is, right after booting into Sugar, I was greeted with a search box and two drop-down menus. It took me a while to learn that I needed to move the mouse to the far right corner for the navigation bar to pop up.

Out of all the applications installed, two games don’t work at all. Others are working quite well but I haven’t got a chance to play with them yet since I’m clueless as to what they do [this is for kids anyway].

There’s no browser/ document reader/ word processor present and a guy from #ubuntu freenode suggested i should install abiword and tweak Sugar further to get them to work, or wait until Intrepid is out for everything to work well enough, hopefully.

Anyway, this is good stuff, I need to spend more time working on this. :-) What about: running Sugar on Ubuntu at Barcamp Saigon? :D

Those who are interested to join the Edubuntu mailing list can subscribe here:

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