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Offline LinkHay HCMC Tết 2010

You probably know LinkHay, a Digg-like service built and maintained by VCCorp, a leading digital content provider of Vietnam. This evening we – users (“LinkHayers”) – will put together a small but cosy meet-up for those who love the Internet. Continue reading

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BitTorrent: the new protocol of the Internet

The record labels’ve been trying so hard to take down TPB only to find that new trackers are popping up here and there. They’ve barked at the wrong tree. In other words, occasions were given to the birth of a new torrent area. The better part? Continue reading

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What I would do if I were Vietnamworks?

Vietnamworks is the leading online job service for professionals in Vietnam, but it by no means will remain in that position in the next five years. As Seth Godin put it: there’s no such thing as stability [Tribes]. When it … Continue reading

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