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Quảng cáo Facebook: rẻ mà run?

Hôm qua đang ngồi mần việc thì bạn Thành Long hoảng hốt alo bảo sao suggested bid của Facebook bây giờ còn có USD0.01/click à. Mình nghe xong cũng…hết hồn. Cách đây mới mấy tháng chạy 2 chiến dịch quảng … Continue reading

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Facebook Fanpage Monitoring Tools

As our community grows, some of the most dedicated members will continue to contribute more to the community overall well-fare. Experience has shown that with formal recognition from the community, these members will without a doubt make further efforts to add more content that enriches the their fellows’ life. Continue reading

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Facebook: the return of the Sith

The old design of Facebook has come back with more bells and whistles. But I’m trying to refrain myself from giving any opinion of these changes now but will come back in a few weeks when data are available for analysis. For the time being, I’ve switched to the Live feed option. Continue reading

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Facebook’s redesign of Event Management is fantastic!

Event managers can invite people from past events. This is the most impressive improvement. As someone who’s creating periodical events, this change makes my life a lot easier. No need to pick up guests from a list of 1000 friends any more! Continue reading

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Facebook: how to convert Friends to Fans?

Now, the question is: what are you gonna do about it? How do you convert your “company’s friends” to loyal fans? Yesterday a friend called me asking this very question and I wasn’t able to come up with an immediate answer. So here it is. Continue reading

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WOW Vinabook!

Seconds (I really mean it, SECONDS!) after I pressed the “check out” button, Vinabook called me to confirm the purchase and reminded me that because my house is in the outskirts of HCMC, I would have to pay additional cost for postage, which was fine. Continue reading

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Vietnam Starter-Kit

Ok, so if you’re a tech guy thinking about moving to Vietnam (for a short or long while), I hope this post can be of good help in showing you where to start. Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on Social games

For a game to be addictive in Facebook, it has to be really social. Letting you play with/against your very own friends. It doesn’t have to be the coolest game in the world, but it has to be just that social. Continue reading

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Yahoo! 360 exodus: where’s the new land?

Facebook will continue to gain momentum in Vietnam, with an increasing rate of adoption. This SNS will be a stand-alone platform that serves Vietnamese first need of socializing on the Net and should not be included as an alternative platform to Yahoo 360. Facebook does extremely well in connecting “already known” friends, and in terms of social graph, I would say this can be moved pretty fast via email invitation.
Continue reading

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Unconference 2009

The “Unconference” is e27′s flagship event and the 2009 version will be the 7th time we have held it since 2006. Styled after DEMO or more Techcrunch50, we want to showcase Asia-based web startups and provide the growing community a chance to mingle, cross-pollinate ideas and learn from each other’s market experience. Past startup demos and attendees include Wego (funded by NewsCorp AU in 2008), FirstMeta the virtual-world only bank, Tencube a mobile security service, Nuffnang the #1 blog-focused ad network in Southeast Asia and featured in Businessweek’s Top 25 Young Asian Entrepreneurs of 2008. Continue reading

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