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In this entry I’m attempting to provide you with a list of Tech Bloggers who are either native Vietnamese or expats living in Vietnam. The idea is to help you get started if you happen to have a plan of coming to Vietnam, or are simply excited about the recent developments in the computing space of Vietnam.

The list is by no means complete as I’ve only started blogging in this space for around 2 months. However, it will receive incremental updates as time goes by. Apart from descriptions and a short review, I will also include their @twitter account so that you can follow them on Twitter.

Kevin Miller

Perhaps among us Kevin is the most experienced blogger. He’s at one time a Linux/Unix geek and at other time a life reporter who blogs about everything Vietnamese besides technology. Kevin resides in “the most beautiful” city in the world with his cat Smokey. Kevin’s helped organize Barcampsaigon. Be sure to check his About Page!

Twitter: @saigonnezumi

Tony –

Tony is a linux geek who lives in Thu Duc (same as me) and works in the Quang Trung Software City. Besides Barcamp Saigon, Tony helped other events such as Google DevFest HCMC with technical issues.

Twitter: ?

Lawrence Sinclair:

I’ve spent very little time talking with Lawrence but I DO hope I can talk more with him because he’s a very interesting guy. Lawrence is the president of The Stanyan Group, whose clients are the likes of Morgan Stanley. He studied Economics but at the same time a computer geek who does “extreme programming” ^ ^. Lawrence is a Barcampsaigon organizer.

Twitter: @lwsinclair

David Carlson

I only learnt about David after he wrote very kindly about his experience at BarcampSaigon. Be sure to check out this guy’s blog :) Update: David covers “marketing, advertising, tech, Web 2.0, political satire, plain old satire, humour, art, music, personal observation, global perspective and whatever else happens to hit the fan on any particular day.”

Twitter: @WildWildEast

Thomas Wanhoff

Thomas is a New Media consultant who has had years of experience in social media. He’s one of the most popular podcasters in Germany and seems to be the only one podcasting in Vietnam. Thomas contributed to the success of Barcampsaigon.

Twitter: @thomaswanhoff

Jason Vu

Jason is the CEO of Webpal and a veteran blogger who covers the social media space. I haven’t talked with him much in real life but he’s a good guy and very knowledgeable about Vietnam’s computing sector. He helped Google organize Google Devfest HCMC.

Twitter: @jasonlog

Tai Tran

Having known Tai Tran since my highschool time, I highly recommend you read his blog. With his experience in Business Analysis, Tai Tran’s given great insights into the fascinating Web 2.0 world with his detailed and graphical analysis. A must read! Tai Tran’s just received two full scholarships to study MBA in Australia, congratulations! Tai Tran tried his best to help with Barcampsaigon despite his insane working schedule :-)

Twitter: @taitran

Chipro –

Chipro is the youngest and the only female blogger among us but both she herself and her blog are very popular within and without Vietnam. Chip dreams to become a technology evangelist and she’s already on her way to becoming one. Besides blogging, Chip writes for local tech newspapers as a freelance reporter. She’s starting up the Radar Project at Check it out soon. Chip also helped with Barcampsaigon.

Twitter: @chipro

Simon Christy

Simon emailed me a while ago regarding my blog and that was how we got to know each other. He looks much younger than I thought ^ ^ Simon is working on his new venture at VEO Media and his, a combination of Digg and Delicious, is coming soon. :-) You should bug him so that he will blog more often!

Twitter: ?

Harry D

Harry also covers the social media space. I really liked his blog the first time I visited it so remember to check it out!

Chris Harvey

Chris is the man behind Vietnamworks and He writes about startups and sometimes mentions his companies also.

Twitter: ?

Duc Ban

Duc Ban has just jumped on the bandwagon of English blogging but he’s doing very well. Duc Ban works mainly as a web developer. He’s just married and is living happily with his new family :D Duc ban used to cover the Web 2.0 room at Bnok, a blogging platform for professionals in Vietnamese. Hopefully his knowledge of Web 2.0 will come to his English blog soon.

Twitter: @ducban

Nguyễn Tiến Sĩ:

All I know about this man is through his About Page. So check it out. He’s a team leader at Duc Ban’s company, ASALEO.

Twitter: @mrsinguyen

Lê Ngọc Quốc Khánh

Khánh is a mobile/GIS/Java geek who helped bring to the Vietnamese Java developer community. He’s currently working as an Offshore team leader for a software firm in Singapore. Khanh has been of great help to BarcampSaigon and a respected brother of mine :-)

Twitter: @khanhlnq


Thái is a security guy who’s very well-known in Vietnam [Chip told me that, I don't know hehe].

Twitter: @thaidn

Min Trần

Min Trần is a talented designer who works at Frexy, his own Studio. He designed the logo for Barcampsaigon. When it comes to icon design, he’s a must to talk to!

Twitter: @mintran

Đình Phạm

Just as Min Tran, Đình Phạm blogs about design and stuffs like that. He lives in Hanoi. I could have met him during his trip to HCMC if things had worked out. You may get to see him at BarcampHanoi next year :-)

Duy Lê

Duy is a computer geek who’s passionate about film making. He’s going to the US to study soon (we will miss you!). Duy helped organizer BarcampSaigon :-)

Twitter: @dlead

Rick Rodgers

Rick is a great friend to whom you can talk for hours about anything. He’s passionate about the web and believes in a bright future of Vietnam 2.0. At times he can be very technical :-) Rick is residing in HCMC with small & cozy family but spends half a month in HN at Peacesoft. Rick has done a really good job at Barcampsaigon. If you want to find out about the web in Vietnam, talk to him!

Twitter: @rickrodgers

Buu Nguyen

Buu Nguyen is a Senior Project Manager at Mobivi and Lecturer at RMIT Vietnam. He has a great blog on software development and project management. Check out his blog!

Twitter: @buunguyen

Nguyễn Nam Tiến

Tiến is an Executive Manager at Asaleo, DucBan’s company. Besides blogging about web design and development, he cooks very well. Tiến is opening a restaurant soon so stay tuned!

Twitter: @nguyennamtien

Bryan Pelz

Bryan is VinaGame’s CEO. He delivered an impressive presentation on Vietnam’s Online Industry at BarcampSaigon. Bryan is planning to take on Google FYI =)

Twitter: @bryanpelz

Le Huy

Huy covers Software Design, Software Patterns, DSL, Distributed Systems. His is rather technical for my liking though :-)

Twitter : ?

Tony Khuong

Tony Khuong is a Quality Control Engineer at Computer Science Corporation. He must have been Tai Tran’s colleague. Apart from serious stuffs, He also discusses other things about Vietnam. If you’re interested in things beyond technology, subscribe to his blog.

Twitter: ?

You can now subscribe to: for full access to their feeds. Thanks TaiTran!

Please leave me a comment should I miss you or other bloggers who you know. Thanks!


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32 Responses to Tech Bloggers in Vietnam

  1. Huy says: ^^
    My blog is about web development.

  2. AnhHung says:

    @Huy: thanks man, you will be featured in another list for bloggers who write in Vietnamese :-) This is mainly for blogs in English.

  3. Danh sách khá đầy đủ nhưng hơi buồn vì không có mình :D

  4. AnhHung says:

    @Phúc: my apology. Danh sách này nhằm giúp các bạn nước ngoài tìm hiểu về CNTT ở VN. Sẽ có 1 bài khác dành riêng cho các tech blogger viết tiếng Việt. Có thể là mình hay Chip sẽ list ra, bạn yên tâm. :)

  5. David T says:

    if your blog or your website is about Free and Open Source Software – in whatever language – please register it here :

  6. AnhHung says:

    Thanks David, hope to see you when you’re back to Vietnam for a visit :-) I’ve added myself.

  7. My Twitter is @WildWildEast

    My blog is a real cornucopia of marketing, advertising, tech, Web 2.0, political satire, plain old satire, humour, art, music, personal observation, global perspective and whatever else happens to hit the fan on any particular day.

    I’m a dedicated Mac man and have worked with Nintendo, Sony, Samsung and LG on creative/marketing solutions over the years.

    Cheers, Fresco 2.0!

  8. AnhHung says:

    Thanks David!

    I’ve followed you on twitter and updated your description. Hope you don’t mind that I used your words :)

    Windows/Mac/Linux doesn’t matter as long you love it.


  9. Preetam Rai says:

    Thanks for compiling this list Anh, I will make this a required reading for my students/tech contacts visiting VN.

  10. AnhHung says:

    @Preetam: thanks for your comment, are you considering become a part of this list? :D

  11. Khanh Le says:

    Now I have to blog more in English. That means “Thanks” :-)

  12. Simon says:

    Cam on Anh Hung. Simon muon viet blog bang tieng Viet ma….tieng Viet cua minh chi noi ve mon an, di choi va bia ;)

    …I take the hint, I will update my blog now (in English).

  13. AnhHung says:

    @khanhlnq: you’re welcome, bro!

    @Simon, then I will feature you in the Tech blogger 1.1 :) Yeah, hehe, should write more, like, 3 posts/ day =))

  14. TaiTran says:

    Senior Project Manager at Mobivi. Lecturer at RMIT Vietnam.

    His blog focuses on Project Management.

  15. TaiTran says:

    Hi Hung,

    Thanks for your coverage.

    I’ve synthesized the blogs you mentioned here in this RSS feed:

    Subscribe one, get all.


  16. AnhHung says:

    Thanks Tài, I added his tumblr + twitter account to the list :-)

  17. TaiTran says:

    Tony Khuong

    A Quality Control Engineer from CSC Vietnam

  18. TaiTran says:

    Le Huy

    Software Design, Software Patterns, DSL, Distributed Systems

  19. -> ko cần nói tên hén :)

  20. AnhHung says:

    @Blog-CongNghe: I’m afraid you don’t make it to the list. Maybe next time in a post about bloggers who write in Vietnamese. Plus, I don’t list anonymous bloggers :-)

  21. Hong Quang says:

    Great list!

    Unfortunately my blog cannot be counted here… Hmm, maybe due to my poor English, yet I prefer writing in Vietnamese to better get my ideas cross ;)

  22. HKVN says: | my blog about linux, some tutorials and more…

  23. TaiTran says:

    Duc Dao, PMP, Founder of Notch Digital Marketing Agency

    He used to be my Vice President in CSC Vietnam

  24. AnhHung says:

    Opps, Duc Dao hasn’t been updated his blog for ages, sorry dude :-)

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  26. Thái says:

    lolz now I start getting famous for being famous

  27. song ben huc says:

    bây chừ tôi ở lại đây
    đếm câu lục bát trăng gầy nhớ ai?

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