The dark side of evangelism

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This post is not about ethics nor criticism. I love walking a fine line between black-and-white-hat techniques when it comes to evangelism. But even if you use black-hat techniques you should use it the right way.

Just imagine.

You own a company that enjoys an organic growth rate of 30% a month (which is really sweet), then all of a sudden, as luck would have it, you experience the same growth rate on a daily basis.

That basically forces you to hire people to match the rate. Or implement a technology solution that enhances your productivity accordingly.

That goes the same for community building.

If your community tips, you need more people to manage it. Otherwise it would be the so-called “Denial of Service”. You need enough staff to interact with your fans.

And if it grows too much, the cohesiveness of the community will be greatly undermined. Interactions between your “fans” will be a joke.

Somehow, I still love the humble way of doing things at Intel’s Social Media Center. What’s the point of having a ton of fans that seldom interact and engage?

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