The future of Fresco20?

Start your morning with a good read: The uncertain future of blogging :-)

It is more of a confirmation than a surprise: the world is changing fast.

Increasingly I’ve seen a lot of my followers commenting on my entries on Twitter. There’re a growing number of others who use Tumblr or Lifestream to get the message across. As such, it’s quite an effort to keep this blog relevant.

For me, it’s a combination of WordPress + Twitter + Diigo + a possible way to share media. I might move to tumblr but still, I prefer WordPress for the time being. :-)

So, what’s it all about?

Fresco20 is the right place for me to do whatever I want to do, be it thought sharing or communication (Ok, I’m a bit old school now, but I’m still in love with it). It targets a very niche market and thus goes hand-in-hand with my Twitter account. In other words, my blog and my tweets are pretty well connected, in terms of how I convey the message, and the persons on the receiving end. Those who read my blog follow me on twitter (mostly), and those who follow me on twitter read my blog. In a nutshell, I’ve built my own community/network and reach them simultaneously via different media.

From my point of view, the social side of the Internet is shifting from our network 1.0 to our network 2.0. In the 1.0 version, we’re apart of something big. It bears some resemblance to mass marketing. In the latter one, we lead our own community, or tribes [note to self, I need to ask Rick a favor :-) ] We’re no longer a part of a generic network, we’re the leader of own community and a follower of others’.

What do I need?

Pretty much enough. I’m not so much into pictures/clips or stuffs like that but I’m going to. So I need to find away to share them right here. Plus, I may run into interesting piece of media that I want to share right on this blog, not only just on twitter. Or both. It’s confusing. But that’s how I want it to be. :-)

Something less personal?

The way I see the recent developments in Web 2.0 in Vietnam is that they’re trying to catch the past, not the future. Y!360 is dead. Future is uncertainty, and it means challenges. But uncertainty also presents enoumous opportunities. We’ve seen how Twitter is faring so well. Either you or me should do something different. That’s my take.

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