The social within: internal network for your employees

The recently published research paper on the Use of Social Software in the Workplace by IBM Research, which centered upon its employees’ adoption of BeeHive, an internal social network launched in 2007, has shed light on how such software can help “bond” employees, enhance their career advancement and potentially increase their social capital.

A BeeHive Profile - IBM Research

A BeeHive Profile - IBM Research

The four IBMers who conducted the research has found out that employees join the sites for three main reasons [Motivations]:

  1. They want to share with their colleagues on a personal level.
  2. Career advancement.
  3. Ability to convince others to support their ideas and projects.
The Research

The Research

They then move on to figure out the impacts of Beehive usage on the workplace, which are as follows:

  • Unlike Facebook on the campus where people tend to connect with known friends, IBM employees who use BeeHive are more interested in making new friends within the company.
  • Those who use BeeHive to keep up with known friends develop closer relationships with them, are more willing to contribute to the company as a whole, and have greater access to new people and expertise within the company.
  • The more they use BeeHive, the higher the above-mentioned points.

Even though the experiment is still at its early stage, it all looks very promising. Such findings indicate that social software may help company bond employees together and let them share resources across the company, a process in which the employees themselves are the drivers, not the management.VinaCapital is employing Thomas Wanhoff, the generous man who’s giving us free Workshop on “How to deal with the media” on next Saturday, to advise them on building intranet solutions for the captital management fund.


It is of course immature to discuss such matters in a Vietnamese context as companies are not even adopting traditional IT solutions in the workplace but it is clearly a possiblity that should not be overlooked. Maybe FPT can implement such a thing in their E-Citizen or FPT 2.0 strategy?


Research on the Use of Social Software in the workplace from IBM [FastForward blog]

The research paper can be download HERE.

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