trick or cheat?

My second return to ‘s service center only brought home to me that the largest Vietnamese mobile phone and notebook retailer was playing trick on one of its customers.

On September 5, I bought a Dell Inspiron 1420 for my sister as she was admitted to the Foreign Trade University. It was both for her study and as a reward for her efforts in working hard for the exams. Less than three weeks later, specifically after the day I came back from Barcamp Phnom Penh, she told me the lappy shut down unexpectedly with a BSOD message: malfunctioned hardware!, and worse, it couldn’t boot! How on earth such thing happened to a brand new laptop in such a short period of time. This was so disappointing considering Dell’s reputation for quality.

I brought it to the service center located at 6A, Tú Xương Street, District 3 and and the service person told me I could have got a replacement had it broken down in the first 3 days :-) . So I had to leave it there for them to examine and they said they would send it to the official service center of Dell. A few days later they called me and said everything was ok now, I could come and pick up the laptop. Great! It was pretty responsive.

Yesterday I had to visit the center the second time. The error happened: her lappy wasn’t able to boot again. The night before both she and I had a hard time sleeping as we were so frustrated with this shitty product and service that was providing. I told him that I no longer wanted any fixes and a replacement or refund was what I liked to receive. He told me to go to the official service center of Petro (the state oil corporation that’s just jumped in the electronics distribution bandwagon).I expressed my concern about how Petro would know that they had repaired it once before as this would prove that the previous service sucked. He told me they would check the service tag and let me know immediately. I agreed.

So I managed to get to that center as it was a bit difficult to find. I was well received and the people there knew how to treat its customers well. They told me they would replace every single part of the computer if it was faulty by sending it back to the manufacturer abroad. So it was fine. The guy that dealt with me also gave me his phone number just in case i want to contact him in future.

The funny thing was: never sent the laptop there before! They LIED to me. This is the first time that Petro received my laptop. I felt terribly cheated and wonder how the hell the largest retailing chain dared to cheat customers so shamelessly.

The last time my sister bought a K550i there, the memory card didn’t work right at the start. Simply horrible!

Vietnamese consumers care less about such things. They seem to be happy with everything, either good or bad. I think it’s high time people should raise their voice and let those shitty providers of products and service know that they will have to pay a dear price for their lack of honesty and ethics.

I never want to see you again,, thanks for your kind service!

Update: As of October 2, Petro service center called me and said the motherboard was faulty and they would have it replaced overseas.

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  1. Try instead, the owner are US-educated and an Sai Gon man, we sure bring you and your friend sastification

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