As I decided to commence on researching for my Chapter 2, it turned out I couldn’t rely much on just “asking companies” about sensitive stuffs that they don’t want to disclose. The solution to this is I will take all the websites from the tourism industry, categorize them into feature columns, and churn out the percentage of who’s doing what. It doesn’t sound fancy as it’s supposed to be, but at least I’m doing something and there are “numbers”. Anyway, one thing interesting I’ve found is local travel websites are not that bad. They have Live Support via IMs (Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger, etc.), tour customization, e-newsletters, search boxes, various online booking options, etc. Here comes Travel 2.0!

Apart from my research, I from time to time mess up with the Linux kernel. So far I’ve familiarized myself enough with the kernel structure that I no longer get lost. Today I managed to recompile kernel to enable CPU Frequency scaling. My computer is running cooler now, though it’s still hot due to the fact that I haven’t cleaned it since purchase. Playing with the kernel is fun but at the same time time-consuming and risky. One mistake and the system hangs.

Since the introduction of Baomoi Mobile, I’ve get used to reading Vietnamese news on my Blackberry. The day that Blackberry supports Vietnamese characters still seems far away so I really appreciate the team’s efforts. Anyway, the current Mobile site only displays news as “latest”, “hottest”, which means random news. I wonder if there’s a way for me to read what I want to read on my Mobile, like the customization/personalization feature on the Web interface. Or perhaps Baomoi can put more categories on the Mobile site on a drop-down box? There’s a huge mobile audience out there, especially when EDGE is getting cheaper and 3G is coming out, so it’s worth walking the extra miles.

On the other hand, the intelligent filter engine (or whatever it is called by hasn’t worked that perfectly. Sometimes certain items get mis-categorized. For example, an item containing “apple” may be filed under “IT”, when in fact it only discusses…apples! Plus, the homepage has always been pretty sexy. I mean, does the engine automatically pick “hottest” (most viewed/voted/commented) items to display on the front page? And apparently it’s mostly about sex. While this is tempting to a lot of people (blush), I believe there should be room for diversity.

On a side note, @taitran has written some pretty interesting entries on his blog, check ‘m out:

Is Yahoo! building the Hall of Yahoolla?

The core & its excuses

Hmm, what’s that Tweet it and Share on Facebook plugin? I want one on my blog too…

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2 Responses to Things…

  1. ePi.Longo says:

    We’ll do it soon, dude. Exactly we did deploy the next version to solve the mis-cat problem but we have some trouble of performance right now. More, VDC will move all the servers from P.O Đinh Tiên Hoàng to VDC Internet House next week, so we think that we can deploy it again after that. We’re also trying to put categories to the Mobile version, but let me tell you a secret ;) , we’ll have the real mobile version (application) next month.
    Hope I can read your thesis soon. Why won’t you public it and do it in crowd-source way? :P

    • AnhHung says:

      Hey anh Long, I’m looking forward to all the improvements on the web and mobile pages. :-)

      I know that making the engine smarter also means more horse power hehe

      Yup, I will publish the Vietnamese version on this blog. But it’s quite difficult for me because I’ve never written a Vietnamese entry before. I need to figure out how to do that :|

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