– a simple Wishlist – a Vietnamese online service that helps users find places of interest (restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, etc.) is the most important tool that I’ve used to look for new locations to organize #h3 and #hcmctweet as well as other events/gatherings.

Initially I look at the ratings, number of reviews and view times, to determine whether this is a good place or not. Afterwards, I take the time to read what people’ve been saying about the place. However, I have to take one further step: talk to my friends to see if they’ve been to this place and seek their opinions of it. That means the service that provides is not complete, or trustworthy enough.

Or in other words, the rating and review system can be easily manipulated, which most of the time renders it useless. The key point for such a service is that there should be some mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the reviews and ratings. That, or something that helps improve the credibility of the system. Because at times you will automatically realize that someone is writing a deliberately good review to attract customers to the site.

On the other hand, if I can move the offline conversation with my friend to in some way, won’t that be more useful?

Say, when I’m looking for a place to #chemgio (chit-chat) with my buddies in District 1, won’t that be better if friends in my network can recommend a certain one to me? THEIR ratings, THEIR reviews. Not those written or rated by strangers.

At the moment, has quite a good userbase, but that is very scattered. I don’t know any other users, even though many of my friends may be on the network. We’re not connected in any way. If there’s a way that I can connect to them, and share the places that I’ve been to, recommend it to them, and vice versa, won’t that be nice?

My simple wishlist :)

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