Twitter or not Mimo?

Mimo, yet another microblogging service, has surfaced on the Vietnamese Web scene today, this time drawing more attention than its previous competitors because Henry Nguyen Bao Hoang, IDG Ventures Vietnam’s General Partner, is reportedly one of the earliest adopters. This, therefore, may lead to speculations that Mimo is one of IDG’s unamed portfolio companies.

It has been a long while since we have heard something from the only Venture Capital firm in Vietnam, and it looks like some good news. Are our men back to business? (wink)

Looking back, I used to be one of the Twitter “evangelists” who would excitedlt pitch this shiny social technology to anyone in contact. But that’s changed now. Not that I don’t believe Twitter will be something in Vietnam in a foreseeable future, but it’s practically not practicable for brands to take advantage of this as a communication/ PR platform. If I were to advise a client on which social technologies to use for the next social media marketing campaign, Twitter would be at the end of the list. Sorry, my blue bird.

Haven’t we had enough local microblogging services? And what sort of difference does Mino bring if cheap SMS message is the only difference from the others? Maybe, just maybe, this can help them push more users to the platform, but it might take them at least two years to grow like Twitter used to. Because it looks exactly like Twitter on first look. How much percentage do 5mil users account for out of the total Internet population? And how much would that be for the Vietnamese market? Plus, what’s the point for the English interface anyway? Did someone just mention Facebook? Tee…hee…

I’m a little clueless.

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11 Responses to Twitter or not Mimo?

  1. Good stuff Anh Hung, you’re the first to step up and talk about this.

    It’s certainly a tough gig to try to enter this space now. I agree, Twitter has stalled in VN, and FB/Me.Zing (amongst others) have taken the attention span of users.

    And, with more wifi enabled handsets (plus the prospect of 3G) the SMS play may be too late too.

    But they’ve just opened the doors, so we ought to give them time to see how they differentiate and take the product forward to win.

    p.s. I think it’s based on Laconica

  2. “p.s. I think it’s based on Laconica” -> it’s true.

  3. ePi.Longo says:

    I’ll wait till I can see small things below your and other blogs like “You should follow me on Mino here”

  4. AnhHung says:

    I hope your patience will pay off :-)

  5. Duc Ban says:

    My comment is: I have just opened Mino’s HTML source. I can make sure that I can tell a joke base on it. :”>

  6. Nguyen Ngo says:

    I think Mimo must have a ‘hidden’ idea standing behind… :hopeful:

    @anh Ban: about the use of HTML? I see like they’re big div fan lolz

    @Simon: ya, I think it’s based on Laconia

  7. Kevin (Long) Ng says:

    Good find. It will be interesting to see how Mimo differentiates from others currently in the market since most have the same basic function. One interesting feature Mimo claims is free SMS delivery. Can anyone verify if this is true?

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  9. Mimo says:

    Hi Anh Hung,
    Thanks for the words on Mimo, and we hope you can take another look and share your thoughts and suggestions for us. To answer some of the questions:

    @Simon: Yes, Mimo is heavily modified from Laconica. We also support the AGPL license.

    @Kevin: SMS is free to receive, no matter how many people you follow. Updating costs 500 VND per SMS.

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