VCCorp: a mini-VC?

Tai Tran, in his response to my previous post on “Start-ups: One or No One?”, supported the idea that a start-up should “spread its efforts and pave ways for innovations & success”. I would say we should all look at what Google did a few days ago when it became a “serial killer” of its 6 services.

We now turn our focus to VCCorp and the start-ups I mentioned in my article. They work similarly to the way a VC operates: spread their investments in various start-ups/products and wait for one of them to take off and pay off.

VCCorp’s cash cow: the Dan Tri online newspaper, is currently making money to pay for many of its services which are still yearning for profits. On the other hand, VCCorp is seeking investments from IDG to pour their resources into a wide (about 20) range of products. It strikes me that VCCorp also raises money from IDG for specific products that have high potential of growth in future.

With the newly-launched Admicro, VCCorp is hoping to turn its portfolio products into more cash cows. Hope, that is.

In a Vietnamese article “Challenges 2009“, TanNg, the second person of VCCorp has made it clear that they have no intention to cut projects, because passion and innovation shouldn’t be overlooked. Though I wonder whether operating as a mini-VC is a sustainable model in Vietnam.

What’s your take?

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5 Responses to VCCorp: a mini-VC?

  1. Jason says:

    VCcorp is not a mini-VC, it has a division called VCI (VC Incubator) similar to FPT Visky.
    Tanng is the second in command at VCC.
    VCcorp is a technology camp (Internet focused) leveraging some good properties:,

  2. Dan Shupp says:

    Hung, the word you’re looking for is “incubator”

  3. AnhHung says:

    Thanks @jasonlog and @dshupp for the clarifications ;)

  4. Hong Viet says:

    one thing is that VCCorp has kidda “too much money to spend”, 2 millions from IDG, and maybe much more from Vincom, am I right? so, no wonder :) .

    FPT used to have their own ‘incubabor’ , and maybe “” is the most successful site that takes of and earn a lot of bucks, right?

    anyway, the big boy with big bucks don’t guaranteer the success, or a good return of investment, right ^^ Microsoft is an example .

  5. TaiTran says:


    My entry mentioned does not imply companies “should” spread the efforts or something similar.

    I pointed out where it is sensible doing so.

    Cheers ;)

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