Vietnam 2.0: A directory of online services

Helping you understand what’s going on in the social computing space of Vietnam has always been at the core of F20′s mission. On Duc Ban, a veteran web developer and entreprenuer, question: “Who is our leader in Vietnam’s online services“, I’d like to take this opportunity to present you with a list of online services in Vietnam. Of course, a one-man job is by no means complete, I hope you can contribute to this on-going effort. I will classify them into different categories. If I get it wrong, please correct me.

As the Web’s getting increasingly social, there’s a fine line between a website, and a service, thus online service implies anything that is web-based and serves the needs of specific clients.

Blogging services


A service from Vinagame, which belongs to the Zing family. It allows migration from Y!360. I tried this once but to be honest I didn’t like it at all. However, Zing’s been trying to leverage its huge userbase into building up Yobanbe.

A service offered by VCCorp which aims to build a playground for professial bloggers. Bnok employs WordPress MU as its platform. Bloggers are divided into channels that cover a particular topic.

Social Networks


YuMe’s features and design remind me of Vietnam 360plus Vietnam. However, I find the themes more attractive. The team behind YuMe is also high active and helpful. A data migration tool from Yahoo! 360 is provided. The relationship-centric and content-centric social network was launched a few months ago. It allows users to not only connect to each other, but also blog, share videos, and music files. [Thanks Tài Trần]


A Facebook clone that essentially copies everything [not the platform though] and change the interface color into red. The network was built by a group of overseas students. It never took off.


Another Facebook clone. According to Harry D, the functionality is well-developed and dedicat, the GUI is cool, simple and elegant, and it does provide a satisfactory user experience.


The domain means “Face” in English. Needless to say, yet another Facebook clone.

It’s a mess. There’re tons of features on the SNS: blog, music, video clips, events, nice links, forum, classified ads, etc. And a Facebook clone, of course. Take a look at its favicon :)

Zing City

An SNS from Zing/Vinagame for…hot boys and hot girls. The design is pretty nice and there’s a plaza for virual commerce.


A social network for mobile users, offered by Viettel, Vietnam’s mobile operator. It’s in effect a local implementation of EGO, a popular game in Europe and NA. Besides IM, it allows media sharing and social networking (of course).


Another SNS developed by Visky, a group of developers endorsed by FPT, Vietnam’s largest IT firm. It boasts instant picture sharing, mini-blogging, VIP chat, among other things.


The first social network for professionals in Vietnam, and a LinkedIn clone. You can read my articles on Cyvee here:

The second SNS for elite professionals, which is a portfolio company of Vietnamworks, Vietnam’s leading online job service. You can read my articles relating to here:

Photo sharing

A product by VCCorp for hot boys and hot girls to show off their pictures. There’s also a separate section for photographers, which seems obvious.

Zing Photo

Pretty cool service. A bit like Flickr. It has been under maintenance recently. Heavy traffic?

Social News

A demon of EPI’s technology which collects, extracts, and publishes (aggregates) news items from Vietnamese online newspapers. It also features personalized news.


A Digg-like system by VCCorp. A community of their own: most active users are the team. Anyway, good place for discussion and a nice source of traffic to my blog :)

A combination of Digg and Delicious. Still underdevelopment though.

Microblogging services

Nhắn Gửi

An impletation of Revou, a Twitter system built around PHP. Full of bugs.


A clone of Laconica, see the similarity? Poor translation and ugly interface. No future.


Under development. Coming soon.

Ola Me

Pretty cool interface. In fact I like this microblogging platform most. However, poor coding will affect scalability. Leveraging the 300k userbase of Ola Chat means a lot of downtime these days. Though if well-executed, it may become the top microblogging service in Vietnam.


Mentioned. Gone


Coming soon.

Location-based services

A pretty good mapping service.


Google Map API is in use to build this service. It maps all places of interest across Vietnam. A mash-up of Google Map, Bao Moi, etc.

Excellent service for finding places to drink/eat/hang out.

A similar service to Though Thodia is far better.

Entertainment Services

The idea is arranging lunches for people by auction. The host is usually a VIP.


An entertainment hub for teens.

Vietnam’s largest portal for teens. HUGE!

Video sharing

A product of Vega. It’s pretty self-explanatory: the Youtube of Vietnam.

Zing Video

Again, Zing makes the list.


Zing Mail is the only email service by a Vietnamese company: Vinagame.

Online Job Services


Generally agreed to be a successful start-ups to date. But the storm is coming and let’s see how VNW can navigate through the downturn. Employers pay to for the right to read job seekers’ CVs.


Yet another online job search.

A new online job service by VCCorp.

Search Engines

Tìm Nhanh

A search engine and portal powered by..Google ;)

A 3.0 search engine by Tinh Vân Media. I turned into a portal (?!?!) a month ago. Xalo features blog and forum search, which is quite useful. Google BlogSearch doesn’t index 360 articles. One plus.


Search engine for MP3, Video clips, News, and … Vocabulary (online wiki-ed dictionary)


An e-commerce service from Visky. Check out my article on

An auction site similar to eBay. They’re working with eBay for cross border trading. From PeaceSoft.


Check out:

No idea though.

Another online payment start-up by PeaceSoft.


Ok, your turn, please :)

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14 Responses to Vietnam 2.0: A directory of online services

  1. tradaonline says:

    Về mảng kiếm việc có chú hay phết

  2. Buu Nguyen says:

    Nice list. One more to add: (on entertainment venues & events)

  3. anhhung says:

    Thanks guys. I'll add them tmr when I wake up. Good night :)

  4. williamb says:

    thoughts on socbay?

  5. Its interesting that VNG has more sites listed.
    And thanks for your list of candidates, I even don't know a half. :-(

  6. rupak says:

    Your list is fantastic, thanks for making it. I wanted to make an enquiry as to whether or not you know anything about whats happened to Faceviet? It seems to have randomly disappeared and speculation that i've read online just mentions something about a possibility of bankruptcy. But if that was true wouldn't it be widely known? Do you know if it was shut down for other reasons? Maybe political..?

  7. anhhung says:

    Hi Rupak, the CEO of FaceViet attended the first Hanoi Tweetup and confirmed that they would not disappear. Plz check the meeting minute here: for more information. :-)

  8. Do you know about the existence of virtual worlds in Vietnam? Like a second life or Twinity for Vietnam? Do you know if it exists?

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  10. Jame says:

    Thanks man! a very nice job. any comment on Caravat, wonder if Navigos will success with the new site?

  11. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Most of those sites are now down since last year, like faceviet. Since Markowitz Capital Management has acquired I see a better future and I am excited to see how it goes!!!

  12. kevin nguyen says:

    another online job search. it’s look like news and have alot of work

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  14. I really enjoy what you blog about here, very insightful and intelligent. One issue though, I’m running Firefox on Linux and some of your content are a little misaligned. I know it’s not a common setup, but it’s still something to keep an eye on. Just tossing you a heads up.

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