Vietnam Starter-Kit

Here’s a list of software you need to install when coming to Vietnam.

Wait. I didn’t mean that.

Ok, so if you’re a tech guy thinking about moving to Vietnam (for a short or long while), I hope this post can be of good help in showing you where to start.

Do your homework

I’ve compiled a list of technology bloggers in Vietnam (English) just for you! Reading through them will give you a pretty good idea about what’s going on here. And make sure you follow them on Twitter! Alternatively, you can check out Kevin Miller’s list of Vietnamese bloggers (English & Vietnamese), very comprehensive. Don’t be overloaded, though. Wink.

Join the gang

We’re putting together a Facebook group for us all, the so-called Twitter Community In Vietnam. This is less about a place for Tweeters to connect, but more about a playground for Internet saavy people. I know the “Twitter” part is quite biased. But our attempt to change it to something else only met with people’s struggling agaist it. So it will remain the same for good.

There’re a lot of good guys in the group that you can friend with. So don’t miss the opportunity.

If you’re a Web guy, you should definitely join Webcamp Saigon, a community dedicated to Web designers and developers. This is still very young so there’s a lot of room for contribution!

For Linux geeks, the SaigonLUG is the right place to start. At the moment we’ve just revitalized the group so not a lot is going on right now. But we’re holding a meeting to prepare for the Software Freedom Day event in September. Join us here.

Meet the guys
We organize events for tech dudes every month. MONTH! Not years! It’s the Hacker Happy Hour. Alright, don’t get scared. It’s just a monthly event for tech people to get together and socialize over food and drinks. No hacked account. No stolen confidential documents. Notifications are sent to you through the Twiter Community in Vietnam group. Or you can follow me here on Twitter to for updates.

We sometimes hold Tweetups too. If you’re up for it.

Larger events include Barcamp Saigon and Barcamp Hanoi. Yes, we’ve had 3 Barcamp events up to now. Two in Hanoi and 1 in HCMC. We’ve set out for the second Barcamp here in HCMC. Think you can help?

Be a part
Did I just tell you that you could help too? If you’ve taken a good look at all the events taking place now, you know you can contribute to making them better. As people now realize that they can put together more and more events, and because of their open nature, you’re invited to not only become a participant but also an organizer.

Hint: that’s the best way to make friends. Before Barcamp Saigon, most of us were strangers. But now we’re having a pretty good time together.

Have fun!

If you’re looking for coffee shops and restaurants to hang out with people, here a good place to start: Dan & Jen ‘s ever growing list of coffee shops and restaurants.

Oh, haha. I’ve just made Rick mad for getting more people to his quiet places. The more the merrier, no?

Alright, that’s about it. Let me know if you need anything else!

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