Vietnamese Newspapers need to improve their RSS feeds

When looking at Vietnam.Alltop, I immediately thought that ThanhNienNews should be on the list, simply because their English news is of good quality and it is overall a newspaper that’s worth reading. It’s the first English daily in Vietnam as a matter of fact. So I DMed @guykawasaky and @chrisbrogan asking them to add ThanhNienNews to the list. Chris told me I could do it myself. I came to TNN only to find out that they DIDN’T have a feed for the front page, which means it was impossible to sign it up for the list.

I was wondering why such a big newspaper didn’t have a proper front page feed, so I took a look around. All the international online news agencies have feeds for their front page, or even top stories. Vietnamese ones are somewhat diverse. For your convenience, I’ll add the direct RSS listings where possible.

News sites with FrontPage feeds:

News sites without FrontPage feeds:

News sites without any RSS feeds at all:

It’s OK for online newspapers not to have an RSS feed for their frontpage even though it is rather convenient (like if I want to add them to Alltop or index them somewhere else, or just to keep myself updated with recent news). But having NO rss feed at all is obviously odd.

So, if you happen to work for one of these newspapers, please let them know, thanks for your support.

Should I miss something, or there’s anything you don’t feel happy with, kindly leave a comment below ;)

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5 Responses to Vietnamese Newspapers need to improve their RSS feeds

  1. ePi.Longo says:

    Yep. A lot of online newspapers in Vietnam don’t have RSS. I don’t know exactly the reason behind bcz personally, I believe that it’s not hard to push RSS on any online newspaper. Maybe they want their readers access the homepage to see some flashy ads?

  2. AnhHung says:

    That’s a good theory. But international online news sites also rely on ads. My guess is because they don’t take RSS seriously, and don’t think their readers want to read news that way, which might be wrong.

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  5. Hoang says:

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