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From now on I will build a list of the so-called “Tweet Of The Day” just for the sake of having fun. Who doesn’t like to have fun? ;)

There’s no rule as to which tweet goes to the list. As long as you think it’s the coolest thing you’ve heard on Twitter on the particular day, please tag it with #totd so that we can all monitor that.

Please also help me grow the list by leaving your comments below with a copy of the tweet, including the @tweeter! Oh, by comment I also mean you are encouraged to tell us what you think about the tweet, or whatever.

Alright, let’s begin! ;)

1. @chipro is so dumb :(

Oops. Vista sucked so much on her new Vaio that it decreased our Chip’s level of intelligence to a record low. Must have been a bad day for Chip.

2. @ixx2u @sonnymotives Do you think vimua contribute its value to FPT 2.0 strategy?

It’s made the greatest contribution by removing the burden of FPT’s servers from having to respond to the tremendous number of requests from shoppers 2.0.

3. @byhuy My girlfriend is the best girl on Earth. Fuck! Hard to believe but it’s true!

Ok, we all know how Huy is crazy for his gf these days. But if you shout this out loud it would sound awesomely sexy !_! Be careful next time, Huy!

That’s it! A tiny Twitter icon has also been added on the navigation bar (top_right) for our convenience. Check back any time you find something cool or wanna chill out!

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