worst first launch ever!

Update 1: as of Nov 24, seems to have disappeared from the Internet (?), an e-commerce site developed by Visky, a group backed by FPT, couldn’t have enjoyed a worse launch yesterday when the site went down immediately after 30 minutes.

The site said it would allow customers to purchase laptops and mobile phones for … VND1000 (USD 1/16). There would be 45 product items appearing on the site everyday from 8AM to 12PM, and the earliest birds would catch the worms.

Upon learning about the campaign via VnExpress, whose parent is also FPT, I excitedly headed to the website, registered for an account in vain (!_!) because I repeatedly failed to type the correct Capcha (my fault?). Too discouraged, I left the site and waited to give it another try the today.

Unfortunately for me and everyone else, the site was down minutes after the launch due to the enormous amount of traffic flooding

Here is the screenshot taken by Vnexpress:

Translation: Our server is under heavy load due to large amount of traffic

Translation: Our server is under heavy load due to large amount of traffic

In the afternoon, the website put up a better crafted  apology. Nguyễn Tất Đắc, Director of Visky, publicly apologised for the unfortunate event on VnExpress and said his team was trying their best to fix the problems and would let customers know once the site was up again.

Trương Gia Bình, FPT chairman, was assuring customers that the campaign would still be running once everything was settled in the same article.

This was quite amusing.

Considering the huge number of readers who visit VnExpress everyday, it was not difficult to estimate how many people would jump at the chance. Plus, the marketing campaign was simply too appealing to everyone. So it might have also gone viral.

For, they made a horrible mistake and this would affect their reputation in the future. They should be working their ass off now to restore the site as soon as possible and make sure that such a thing does not happen again. E-Commerce is still very new in Vietnam. People have not developed the habit of buying things online. Now I’m sure when they buy something in in future, they will ask this question:” What if the site goes down during my purchase?”. It’s like you’re making stock purchases and the stock exchange server goes down. This happens all the time, which is very very negative.

The accident not only affects itself but may also affect other e-commerce site such as (^ ^) or

For FPT, this showed that they are totally incompetent as the largest IT company in Vietnam. Taking into acccount the fact that FPT also provides Internet services and Hosting services, how many people will ever trust them any longer?

The only positive thing I notice was that Visky and FPT were very responsive to the problem, which is a good crisis management pratice.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to get something decent from the campaign, then leave it forever lolz.

Were you able to catch any worm in the first 30 minutes?

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7 Responses to worst first launch ever!

  1. xoai says:

    Yeah, as my comment in, their marketing campaign may be failed because of the mistake. And I am sure Vimua will not be able to run stablely next few days. To handle this kind of traffic, they need to prepare carefully in a long time, can’t fix it for only few days.

  2. TaiTran says:

    Considering the business model of being backed up by heavy cash, start-first-scale-later should not have been an option.

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  5. van anh says:

    Trang thuong wá!chang co j ca.

  6. van anh says:

    Chán feo!

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