viviti : a better alternative to Yahoo!360

There have been a lot of discussions / suggestions as to which platform Y!360 users should migrate to, as Y!360 is dying day by day. While these tips range from blogging platforms such as WordPress to local social networks like Yobanbe, none has mentioned site builders, which essentially allow you to build a website with drag-and-drop features. So here’s one:

There are some nice features:

  • Simple registration with a URI.
  • OpenID support
  • 100 free templates + you can design your own.
  • 5 minutes setup, no coding whatsoever
  • The rest is about drag and drop and content building. Pretty easy and straightforward.
  • Custom domain name if you want.

It’s very easy to set up and use, and with the least effort, you can now get a equally good blog/ website up and running just like a (or even easier IMHO).

I spent a few minutes creating this myself: It looks decent, right? :P

Btw, it’s not the usual site builder you often see, it’s a CMS too. So once you set up the structure, it’s all about posting entries, media, and links to your blog.

And guess what, there’re a bunch of cool widgets for you to play with (Twitter, Friendfeed, etc.)! The same drag-and-drop principle applies, you can place a widget anywhere on the page. Kudos to the Vitivi guys!

So, if you prefer something that hasn’t been talked about, give it a try. :) It’s cool. Start blogging today.

P/S: You think I can be a salesman?

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One Response to viviti : a better alternative to Yahoo!360

  1. Mario says:


    I think VIVITY is not a good
    alternate for YAHOO360.

    The Blog function is so bad…
    And you have only 10 MB space
    for your page, blog…

    YAHOO360 was the best blog system in the WWW !!!

    Yours, Mario from Germany

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