Vote for my audio response to the Asia Society Contest|Asian Corporate Conference 2009

This year the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Wall Street Journal Asia will be jointly organizing the 19th Asian Corporate Conference, which is a high-profile event attended by world leaders and renowned economic figures.

As part of the event, 3 bloggers will be invited to join and provide reports. In order to become one of them, I’ve answered to the following challenge: what would I practically do as an individual to contribute to the economy in this current situation?

I’ve mapped 4 practical things that I could do to help the economy:

- Write a good thesis on social media marketing in tourism to contribute to the tourism industry.

- Be a good employee who does what I love to do.

- Help build and bridge communities.

- Work on my community service project to help disadvantaged children.

This is a great event that I really hope to attend. Please could you take a few minutes to vote and comment on my audio response HERE? I’ve put the transcript in the first comment.

Thank you very much!

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