Web 2.0 in Vietnam: Beyond Social Networking Sites

We’ve witnessed the rise (and fall) of a slew of new social networking sites in the last year who ‘ve been trying to capture the anticipated death of Yahoo360: yobanbe, tamtay,yume, yousecond, you name it.

I find it hard to get my hands dirty by joining these SNSs because I doubt if they will last any longer than Y!360. And from where I stand, Y!360 helped so much in defining a low-level, substandard way of how people expressed themselves and connected with each other on the web. It’s sad to see these start-ups repeating the mistakes. Can somebody please break the vicious circle?

But I’m not going to discuss SNSs. It’s not today’s job. It’s about what we can do beyond SNSs. I’m talking about online applications such as Google Docs or Zoho, or Goanimate, or my mapping :D

IMO, Vietnamese developers are now capable of building such applications and can make a business out if those right away, unlike launching an SNS that goes half way through a success.

This is especially important because like I said earlier, an API provided by any of the local SNS was a no-no. So the only way to go about it is develop your own application(s) and start a company to sell it.

I haven’t seen any company doing this (maybe some are doing it) but competition is very little and first and foremost, you DON’T have to clone anyone or WAIT for several years to find away to make money.

Hope to see more of such start-ups coming in near future :-)

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9 Responses to Web 2.0 in Vietnam: Beyond Social Networking Sites

  1. Dan Shupp says:

    We’re actually doing this right now, but not for products that will launch in VN. It’s all building skills that will go off and do some of the interesting things you’re hoping for :)

    Really, SNS is becoming a generic technology, a set of features ppl expect. The interesting innovations aren’t in picture sharing and microblogging, they’re in appying those ideas to different contexts and creating things that don’t exist now.

  2. dlead says:

    in Vietnam,everyone all want to gain member quantity as much as they can, as soon as they can :| there’s not API for waiting anymore…

  3. Duc Ban says:

    Hung, I know someone who done what they did, and they aren’t kinds of people who build a social network and tell lies about statistics. Too bad their products are not for Vietnam market. The reason is us Vietnamese doesn’t show our interesting on Web applications much. I know, the “8k-softwares” killed our chance. The day people install Ubuntu and using non-cracking software will be the day those Web applications has a reason to be build.

  4. Min Tran says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think Vietnam isn’t the right market for web application/software as service. When you plan to release a product, the biggest question is: “Who will use it?”. Will Basecamp, or Google docs be successful if they just focus on the local market?

  5. AnhHung says:

    @Dshupp: I’m looking forward to your tailored products :-) Are you thinking of providing solutions for Vietnamese start-ups anytime soon?

    @Dlead: you are right, it’s all about numbers.

    @Ducban: not necessarily, people are still using web apps alongside Windows-based ones. I think it’s a matter of a few years that people eventually get things done on the web. I’m a bit optimistic but Vietnam is moving at an amazing speed when it comes to the Internet.

    @MinTran: I would say Vietnam is not ready for web apps yet. But it doesn’t mean that the market doesn’t exist. It will be there before you can even see it. So the point is move ahead of the market and create needs that people haven’t realized yet. ZoHo is gaining momentum, and if they officially launch the products in Vietnam, I will consider using it.

    A few years ago not many people knew about Web 2.0 or anything. But now, it’s become a household name worldwide, and is expected to become one in Vietnam.

    How about in the next 5 years? I’m sure you will be amazed.

    I’m talking about Blue Oceans. ;)

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  7. Simon says:

    Good blog post, get’s us all talking!

    The challenge is not the technology, it’s what to build. What applications, what APIs. Ultimately, what needs are unfulfilled. Letting a 1,000 developers play with an API is a great way to find out what users like…there will only be 2 successful apps out of the 1,000.

    FB may be an enormous monster of a SNS, but it also gave us the first, big, open (ish) platform to try our ideas out, and test on a huge audience for free. Rather than building out a fully featured app, you can test the concept on FB and if it works, go for it.

    Monetising an app, especially a distributed one, is another problem. And in the big media companies we are all still figuring that one out ourselves. So i’d say there is no more a proven short-cut to monetise an app over an SNS.

    (unless our friends at IDG/VinaCap decide to buy you :)

  8. TaiTran says:

    C2C then B2C first :)

  9. Joseph says:

    does anyone know the current market share of SNs in Vietnam?
    1) how much does facebook.com, zing.vn and yume.vn own in vietnam?

    2) what are the users average age, gender ratio, purposes of use?

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