Webcamp Saigon 1

What: Webcamp Saigon 1 is a Camp-ed event dedicated to the Web Design and Front-end Development community in the Southern part of Vietnam.

Who: We want to make it a huge success, but at the same time there is the Quality factor to take into account. Participants will be Web Designers or Front-end Developers only. We may expand future workshops to the business community or anyone who has an interest in this particularly interesting topic, so stay tuned!

: Tech Propulsion Labs’ Office at H17, A4 Street (K300 Cộng Hòa), Tân Bình District, HCMC.

: 8:30AM – 3PM, Saturday, 23rd of May, 2009. This will be a quarterly event.

: Barcamp Saigon is a terrific place for people to come together and share knowledge. But we’d like to take one step further by bringing to the IT community a much more specialised event by designers/developers and for designers/developers. Our inspiration is to improve the adoption of decent Web design and development practices and standards, and facilitate discussions and friending among those working in this field. We’ve set out to bring about a better Web for Vietnam!

Register for the event here: Webcamp Saigon 1

or join our Facebook Group: Webcamp Saigon

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5 Responses to Webcamp Saigon 1

  1. rebyn says:

    Barcamp Saigon is a “terrific” place for people to … share knowledge. “But” we’d …

    >>> There’s a great contradiction here.


  2. aBlogz says:


    Nice to meet u

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