What does Yahoo! Open Strategy mean?

Yahoo! Open Strategy Overview

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At its Open Hack 2008 event, Yahoo gave an overview of its Open Strategy, which it hoped would help the company navigate through the current crisis. For me, it looks like a complicated mess so I want to write things down to see if what I get is right (need help!).

  • On an Infrastructure level, Yahoo would leverage its powerful cloud computing to allow web services to immediately launch to a massive audience across the web.
  • On such a basis, Yahoo is to build a Social Dimension, which is centered around two core components: the Profile system and the Address book. Yahoo has tons of web services whose users have different login information. The idea is to produce one single identity for a user on all of these services (just launched), in other words, one social graph and identity record. Furthermore, the same user can login to Yahoo! with their other accounts such as Gmail or Twitter and this information will be collected for use inside Yahoo, in return this aggregated information will be distributed back to Gmail and Twitter, as far as I know. Second, Yahoo will turn your Address book into a social tool for determining your relationship with “who matter to you”. This Address book is again a collection of all the people who you appear to know across different Yahoo’s services (your friends on Flickr, Yahoo!360, Delicious, etc.). Sounds like a Relationship-centric social network, doesn’t it?
  • With that huge pool of data, developers can now hook their applications into Yahoo and … do something about it: Yahoo! Application Platform. Similar to the user experience, the developer experience is that they can build one application and it runs on all the web services. It works exactly like Facebook. However, there’s one particular difference here. Unlike Facebook, developers can now leverage Yahoo! data into their own advantage without having to develop apps for Y! platform. Translation: Yahoo! sells its social graph to developers. Do they charge for this?
IMHO, the whole point of devising such a strategy is to put things into one place: one single user profile, one single application platform for all of its web services, and then connecting Yahoo itself to the rest of the web. If executed properly, this can turn into something good and save Yahoo!’s ass.
Even though Yahoo! clearly indicated that it had no intention of turning itself into yet another social network, speculation has been circulating around that this Y!OS can in effect be transformed into a social network of hundreds of million users in a matter of months. The idea behind this is: Email and the Address book are all about communication. Social networks are for the same reason. Tim O’Reilly has been saying this for years. Why not? If Yahoo! goes into this direction, it can be a fierce competitor for Facebook/Friendster.

Especially when it comes to Vietnam. Should Yahoo! decide on building a social network around it’s Email service, people can stop worrrying about Y!360 disappearing and the folks at Yume.vn, Yobanbe, Cyworld, Friendster are those who really have to worry.

It’s become less confusing but well. Yahoo! itself is confusing too. Anyone has a better idea?

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