What I would do if I were Vietnamworks?

Vietnamworks is the leading online job service for professionals in Vietnam, but it by no means will remain in that position in the next five years. As Seth Godin put it: there’s no such thing as stability [Tribes]. When it comes to online businesses, user engagement is key. The more time user spends on the site, the more times they visit the site, the more profit you can make out of it. So how?

  • Blog. I love blogging. I would add a blog to the Vietnamworks website. Why? Because at the moment Vietnamworks is running a Career Counselling section. There’re different articles from different stakeholders: Recruiters, Job seekers. It is nice, but static. I would want to make it more dynamic and interactive. I would want people to see a human face on the web, the authors. Makin’ it more personal. Users can comment on the post, share it via different devices, take it beyond Vietnamworks’s website. It’s a blog. Like this blog. Is a blog professional? Have you ever heard of professional blogs? Or corporate blogs? And there’re smart ways to redirect them to the main website :)
  • Rating/Review. I would want to give job seekers the ability to rate and review on every single job posting. Why? Because it helps. It works similarly to the way Amazon buyers interact with the site and other buyers. It’s very subjective, but that’s the point of rating and review anyway.
  • Buttons. When other Vietnamese web services get more mature, I would want to enable job seekers to “tweet it”, “Stumbleupon it”, “Digg it”, “Reddit”, “Mixx it”, add it to Delicious, Diigo, Facebook, etc. If there’s a job that they like, but not necessarily what they will apply for, that’s how you spread the words.
  • Integration. If I told you I would integrate Vietnamworks job postings into Cyvee, would you think I’m nuts? Here’s the thing. Vietnamworks’s Caravat is competing with Cyvee on the social networking for professional front. If you’ve read my past articles you will know that they target quite different markets. There’s a search button on the right btw. The idea is, Cyvee also has a job posting section but it sucks and is nothing compared to Vietnamworks. And in business, foes can work with each other on areas where both can generate revenues. Cyvee has a good userbase. Vietnamworks can utilize that for more traffic. Vietnamworks has the best job listing, Cyvee can “outsource” that to VNW. Ok?
  • Caravat. Vietnamworks can of course do the same thing with Caravat. List tailored job postings for executives on its social network for “experts and industry leaders”. Same reasons as above.

This is intended for fun.

Disclosure: I’ve applied to Vietnamworks for the post of a Business Analyst. But don’t write this for the sake of getting employed. I write this for H3 – Hacker Happy Hours on Web Services. The posts in this week have been all about web services if you haven’t noticed it yet.

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3 Responses to What I would do if I were Vietnamworks?

  1. ePi.Longo says:

    They are too “busy” to blog, AnhHung :P . And as i know, they scare of some words like “Web2.0″, “Social Networking”, “Social Media” & “Blog” :D .


  2. TaiTran says:

    What is the tangible return on product management, development and support investment if your suggestions are executed?

  3. noname says:

    They struggled like dying in the past to achieve such a image like today. So there must be an extremely concrete reason for a dramatic change. In fact, they continuously implement or renew their layout and design year by year.

    VNWs is no.1 now, so it won’t change (why change?). If NVG wants more, make new product! and Caravat was born, but sorry, IMHO, it sucks and failed already. Ok, kill it, experiment done, VNWs’ still healthy. That’s why VNW won’t change

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