What’s your Twitter PageRank?

Google has just updated its PageRank. Fresco20 receives a PR of 3, which is not bad at all after 2 months and a half. Ironically, the Tech Bloggers in Vietnam list got 4. But the post today is about the PR for our Twitter page.

My Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/anhhung has a PR of 4, which is kinda cool. So whenever I search for my name (Anh Hung) on Google, my twitter account will appear above my blog, but both now are on the first page, so I’m pretty visible considering the fact that my name is one of the most used terms in Vietnamese. I have a lot of competition when it comes to Googling for my name. So, what about yours? What’s your PageRank for your Twitter page? Still feel like:

everytime you tweet?

Photo Credit: Tashmahal & Jmilles

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3 Responses to What’s your Twitter PageRank?

  1. houellebeck says:

    Ok, PR4 – seems to be a long way to go for me ;)

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