WordPress + Google Gears = Turbo

Has anyone tried using the Turbo feature in Word Press 2.6? I only noticed this new feature a few minutes ago.

At first I thought it would enable offline editing and synchonization, but then learnt that Turbo means: speed improvement :( .

So basically Google Gears (Turbo runs on GG) downloads the back-end files to my laptop to make the WordPress system load faster, which works similar to cache.

Having loaded the admin page for several times, I don’t see any substantial speed enhancement at all. Perhaps this feature would attract more users once it allows them to edit, or even write posts, pages, or basically perform online tasks in an offline environment. This would be great!

So far, I’ve only used Google Gears for Google Docs and Zoho. I’ve switched to Google Docs as Zoho synchronization doesn’t work well if I sign in with my Gmail account (it doesn’t sync at all –> I lost my file once).

Overall, this trend, which permits users to do things offline and then sync them, should be encouraged, especially when wifi is not available anywhere, even at my university.

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4 Responses to WordPress + Google Gears = Turbo

  1. I careful of which plugins I use with wordpress for various reasons. Let me know how Google Gears goes.

  2. AnhHung says:

    sure, Kevin, so far nothing special though :-)

  3. dshupp says:

    Still using this? I wouldn’t think you’d see a speed improvement, but you should be able to handle a whole ton of load…protection from getting slashdotted. Now just get an article on slashdot so you can test it out….

  4. AnhHung says:

    thanks Dan, i’m still using it, no particular improvement though :-) I’ll try to submit an article on slashdot.

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